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  • EMG J Set

    EMG J Set - "EMG J-Set pickups"


    i ordered these off of stevesmusiccenter.com since guitar center only had the p-bass pickups for some reason but steves music center was great fast shipping good price. i think it was around 120 for the whole thing. these pickups rule. they sound so…

  • EMG J Set

    EMG J Set - Bernard l'hermite's review


    I ordered this kit to replace the micro microphones of my age of 79 Jazz Bass Fernandes. It contains two active pickups, electronics dedicated to EMG is passive (vol / vol / tona), cables (note that the new EMG wiring system consists of sheets to be …

  • EMG J Set

    EMG J Set - " Truly exceptional!"


    Although I have this kit installed on my home warwick thumb NT 1988 bought second hand in early July. I was able to compare with my warwick corvette std 5 string it rise in MEC. First I find myself with the active / active (more microphones pré…

  • EMG J Set

    EMG J Set - steako's review


    Mounted from one month on an old Yamaha 5-string passive BBN5 up microphones origin. I hesitated between EMG and a set of Seymour Duncan AJB5s but to get them was the cross and the banner. As there was some good advice on EMG and I'm looking for a …

  • EMG LJ

    EMG LJ - ffirmin5's review


    I use this mic for over 5 years. I knocked a lot at Bass before you find the sound that I stuck to the skin. Before my current low long I played on a Jazz Bass American and I must say I find that with these pickups sound warm and round time ... I…


    EMG LJV - titouff's review


    The vintage sounds really better now that the normal (black without plot) the sound is warm and ron, for fans of the top c Pastorius, puie buz no more noisy and Fon, for me one of the best micro, j try is full …