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Epiphone Kat user reviews

  • Epiphone Wildkat Aged Tiger

    Epiphone Wildkat Aged Tiger - "Epiphone Wildkat ltd edition aged tiger/gld hdw"


    i've progressed quickly on some nice bang around guitars over a relatively short time,and found the sound of the blues on the right guitar is humbleing.this IS the right guitar.everthing about this beauty screams silently right at you and says pick m…

  • Epiphone Wildkat

    Epiphone Wildkat - "Epiphone Wildkat"


    I purchased this guitar from Musiciansfriend.com. I buy all of my guitars and amps from them. I own four electrics, one acoustic electric, one acoustic, and a banjo. Great company and they pric match everything. I paid $499 for this guitar. It' …

  • Epiphone Flamekat

    Epiphone Flamekat - "Epiphone Flamekat"


    My wife actually bought this guitar for me for Christmas 3 years ago. She bought it from An on-line musicianfriendly store for $799.00 and some change. I wanted a guitar with flash and an excellent swing tone. Not too fat and not too bony at the same…

  • Epiphone Wildkat

    Epiphone Wildkat - "Epiphone WildKat"


    Musicians Friend 'Scratch n' Dent' special (with instant rebates applied) $303 I confess that I have had this love/hate attitude towards Epiphones. The value of what you get for the money has always been great and the quality of woods and finishes …

  • Epiphone Wildkat

    Epiphone Wildkat - "Epiphone WildKat"


    bought at Motor City Guitar $555.00 w/case. This guitar has the sweet sound of P90 pickups.It is antique natural,and very comfortable.A small bodied semi-hollow bodywith a Bigsby style tailpiece. Alot of bang for the buck..It plays all styles of m…

  • Epiphone Wildkat

    Epiphone Wildkat - " kataclismik!"


    guitar made in china Bigsby bridge a maple fretboard body accajou maple table semi hollow body 2 microphones p 90 general tone a general volume a micro volume each louse a 3-position switch set neck Rosewood UTILIZATION My…

  • Epiphone Wildkat Royale

    Epiphone Wildkat Royale - philippe.grancher's review


    Very cheap guitar, South Korea, with very rockabilly / country sounds. The finishes are in tears but it still throws. I had to spend an hour on it before playing: changing strings, string height adjustment, imperfect screwing microphones. But after i…

  • Epiphone Wildkat Royale

    Epiphone Wildkat Royale - " Favorite!"


    Channel rather fine and very straight original set, pleasant. Chinese manufacturing, but some finishing touches to review all holds up. Fine and well finished frets. Two Epiphone P90. What good is it to have three volume knobs? I have not yet fou…

  • Epiphone Wildkat

    Epiphone Wildkat - " Top"


    Korean guitar of excellent craftsmanship. Very good overall finish. A guitar influence Gibson (Les Paul and Es 335, P90) and Gretsch (for wiring, Bigsby and the look). Set neck, maple top on a mahogany body dug so not really an archtop, rather a soli…

  • Epiphone Wildkat

    Epiphone Wildkat - " plutt not bad!"


    Made of Core priori. MODEL Epiphone original (no equivalent Gibson ...) A semi-hollow single cut slightly bigger than a Les Paul (some centimtres longer and wider). Channel 60 profile, 22 frets. Two P90 dog ear, two volumes + master volume and …