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Epiphone S user reviews

  • Epiphone S-310

    Epiphone S-310 - "Epiphone S-310"


    Been playing electric for over 40 years in pub covers as well as original bands. I play guitar + bass. Musical tastes range from metal/country/blues/alternative/reggae/drum'n'bass. I've owned 5 Epiphone strat copies which I buy for their necks w…

  • Epiphone S-900

    Epiphone S-900 - "Epiphone S-900"


    I bought it in 1988 from a local music store. It had a small blemish (slightly darker area between the neck pickup and the neck..never notice it from 4 feet) so I got it for $199 new. I was 17 and playing a Hondo hollow body POS. This is what seems …

  • Epiphone S-310

    Epiphone S-310 - " nice little guitar"


    Made in Korea, easel-type fender on two pivots, mapple neck, I do not know if the pickups are original because it sounds great. 5-way switch (original seems that it is 3). UTILIZATION Way round because I do not like mapple sleeves. SOUNDS I…

  • Epiphone S-310

    Epiphone S-310 - jeanphilippe2861's review


    EPIHONE S 210 (not indexed Audiofanzine) Manufacture Korea, handle of a Start, Start bridge, single coil pickup. UTILIZATION Channel super nice, access to your normal acute is ideal for a stratum, the weight is perfect, the sound quality is good …

  • Epiphone S-310

    Epiphone S-310 - ironflower's review


    Mine is somewhat different, I have two singles and a double and a floyd rose tremolo kind the rest is the same UTILIZATION It's not the guitar, but it's better than cheap models of brands like Jim Harley, or other vantage remains a useful t…

  • Epiphone S-310

    Epiphone S-310 - DarKBeN's review


    22 frets 3 single coil pickups Start type bridge 1 volume, 2 tone, 1 5 slecteur microphone positions Bolt, but comfortable enough Body: plywood (mdr) Guitar Made in Korea UTILIZATION The handle is quite enjoyable to take in hand, Acce…

  • Epiphone S-310

    Epiphone S-310 - ben985's review


    Assemble hand-Core the rest said t UTILIZATION Channel enjoyable, easy Access in acute. Weight is a lightweight wooden body despite trs chelou, such plywood. The sound is good only on the position 2 (between the neck pickup and the middle one) …