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Akai Expansion Boards for Electronic Instruments user reviews

  • Akai EB-16 SampleVerb

    Akai EB-16 SampleVerb - " one more vraix a 2000XL"


    I've had more than a year, I install this card in a MPC 2000XL in 5 minutes. turn around and screw it up, nothing to configure or update. There is no other card effect to my knowledge 2000XL, against it by this card is compatible with several …

  • Akai MUTEC AD-02 (8 OUT)

    Akai MUTEC AD-02 (8 OUT) - ptiju87's review


    It's the little magic card is required for your MPC4000 8 mono outputs (analog) Additional (or 4 stereo) Ideal if you have enough free tracks on your console ... One regret: why is it not original in the MPC4000? …

  • Akai Hdm-10

    Akai Hdm-10 - spritnoirr2's review


    Came with the OS v2.01 I think this option is on indipensable in 2007. Akai is no longer the machine anthology with pure "fat sound Guedin" but workstations disign pleasant and convenient. Adaptable to 500, 1000 and 2500, with all the updates down…

  • Akai EXM-128

    Akai EXM-128 - spritnoirr2's review


    I use this barrette for 1 year and very practical ... For a ram 256MB 144PIN SDRAM 133hrz home PNY! Purchased 55 Euros ... It is indispenssable to boost the machine, but good god it is CHRE! Akai makes good products but this brand is, but falls i…

  • Akai EXM-128

    Akai EXM-128 - joelmar's review


    By completing a downloadable form on http://www.akaipro.com it is possible to be offered this bar even after expiration of the offer. That it happened to me. So I ended up with two strips because unfortunately I had bought one. We must therefore nego…

  • Akai IB109

    Akai IB109 - jeffdepanam's review


    I have always used the S 950 with the IB interface 109, expansion RAM and hard drive since 1992. I 've not I install this same interface, and indeed it is deprecated to do so, if one is not a specialist in. However I purchased and installed the HDD. …