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Faderfox news

  • New Faderfox SC4 and PC4 universal controllers

    New Faderfox SC4 and PC4 universal controllers

    11/03/14 in Faderfox SC4

    Faderfox announces the release of two new universal MIDI micro-controllers and monophonic sequencers, the SC4 and PC4.

  • Faderfox DJ44 MIDI controller for Traktor

    Faderfox DJ44 MIDI controller for Traktor

    11/12/13 in Faderfox DJ44

    DJs using Traktor and Ableton Live, can discover at Faderfox the new DJ44 MIDI control surface, the first product in the new Solid Control series.

  • Faderfox UC3 universal MIDI controller announced

    Faderfox UC3 universal MIDI controller announced

    02/05/13 in Faderfox UC3

    Faderfox introduces the UC3 universal MIDI controller that can be programmed to pilot any kind of MIDI software on Mac, PC and iOS.

  • 4TrackTrigger Controller

    4TrackTrigger Controller

    07/14/12 in Faderfox 4TrackTrigger

    This 4TrackTrigger has been developed by the same man who developed the intriguing 4MidiLoop DJ controller, Ivo Glanzmann.

  • Faderfox DS3

    Faderfox DS3

    12/13/11 in Faderfox DS3

    The DS3 is a solution suited if you like to work with samples, loops, hotcues and FX in Traktor Pro 2.

  • Faderfox LV3

    Faderfox LV3

    06/06/11 in Faderfox LV3

    FaderFox introduced a new controller called LV3, a compact controller for Ableton Live.

  • 4midiloop Controller Available

    4midiloop Controller Available

    11/11/10 in Faderfox 4midiloop Controller

    Glanzmann has announced that their new DJ Controller is ready for ordering and shipment.

  • More on 4midiloop Controller

    More on 4midiloop Controller

    10/11/10 in Faderfox 4midiloop Controller

    The new 4midiloop controller is a collaboration between Faderfox and Glanzmann Digital DJ Solutions.

  • Faderfox 4midiloop Controller

    Faderfox 4midiloop Controller

    09/14/10 in Faderfox 4midiloop Controller

    In collaboration with Faderfox, Glanzmann Digital DJ Solutions has developed the new 4midiloop controller, which allows control over four decks and four Effect-Slots in Traktor Pro.

  • Faderfox Midicontrollers go USB

    Faderfox Midicontrollers go USB

    06/09/10 in Faderfox FT3

    The 3rd generation of controllers brings new features like USB connection, better controls, access to four decks, access to four FX slots and more.