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  • 1967 Fender Vibro Champ
    from Reverb.com

    1967 Fender Vibro Champhas images


    This is the 1964-1967 AA764 version which stayed basically the same from the fall of 1964 until 1982 - output/power tube RCA 6V6GT - Rectifier tube RCA 5Y3GT - the preamp tubes are 1pc Fender 70…

  • 1955 Fender Precision Bass
    from Reverb.com

    1955 Fender Precision Basshas images


    Refinished body with relicing - pickup made by Curtis Novak (marked CSM TB-V 6-7-16) - no pencil dates visable on neck or neck pocket - original pickguard - original bridge and saddles - origina…

  • 1965 Fender Stratocaster
    from Reverb.com

    1965 Fender Stratocasterhas images


    Condition 7/10 - normal wear - no routes - neck stamped 2JAN65B - pots marked 1376505 so 5th week of 1965 - pickups marked 3-19-65 - the switch is the correct CRL1452 with some touched solder jo…

  • 1981 Fender Bullet
    from Reverb.com

    1981 Fender Bullethas images


    Made in the US version of the super hip Bullet model. These necks are sought after for "partscaster" builds, since Blake Mills uses one on his tele. This guitar is cool by itself though! 2 …

  • Fender Princeton Reverb Tube Guitar Amp
    from Reverb.com

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tube Guitar Amphas images


    The '68 Custom Princeton Reverb all-tube combo amp embodies everything you love about classic '60s Fender amplifiers with a slight twist. Its all-tube circuitry, handwired tube sockets, and c…

  • Fender Cyclone
    from Reverb.com

    Fender Cyclonehas images


    Awesome custom upgrades to this Rare 24.75 Scale Fender!The body has been refinished in Black Nitrocellulose with the edges and forearm/tummy contours smoothed out beforehand for a more …

  • Fender Deluxe Reverb Tube Guitar Amp
    from Reverb.com

    Fender Deluxe Reverb Tube Guitar Amphas images


    Used Fender Deluxe Reverb tube guitar amp in good condition. This is a 1x12 22 watt combo that has a regular channel and a vibrato channel along with built built-in reverb.B…

  • Fender American Professional Telecaster
    from Reverb.com

    Fender American Professional Telecasterhas images


    Used Fender American Professional Telecaster 2019 in Candy Apple Red in mint condition. Includes 1/4 bridge cover, case candy, and is in all original condition. Currently strung with D'addari…

  • Fender Jaguar Thinline (2012)

    Fender Jaguar Thinline (2012)with optionsProduct pack or software add-onhas images

    03/04/20 - Montreuil, Ile-de-France France

    Bonjour À vendre cette pas si commune Fender Jaguar. Modèle Japonais très limité pour célébrer les 60 ans de la jaguar. Cette guitare à subit quelques modification qui la rende encore plus …

  • Fender Standard Roland Ready Stratocaster
    from Reverb.com

    Fender Standard Roland Ready Stratocasterhas images


    From Seller: This is a 2010 to 2011 according to SN lookups, Fender Standard MIM, in very good condition and is the Rolland Ready model so it includes integrated controls meant for the Ro…