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Fender Stage user reviews

  • Fender Stage 112 SE

    Fender Stage 112 SE - "how much should i sell it for?"


    its a solid state. very loud compact, great jammin amp.I have never turned it up passed 2. even at practise. dont see to many for sale. So curious to how much i should ask for it. UTILIZATION only typing something here cuz site is making me lol …

  • Fender Stage 100

    Fender Stage 100 - "Cheap reliable combo amp"


    This is a solid-state amp from Fender. It has been replaced with the Stage 100 DSP but is still decent if you can find one. There are two 1/4" connections. The first is high-impedance and the second is low, unless you use both simultaneously in whi…

  • Fender Stage 100

    Fender Stage 100 - iamqman's review


    One of those simple amps from Fender. This is an amp that was onto the market for a while and then ultimately replaced by the Fender Stage 100 DSP. The DSP has multi effects based right into the amp that makes this an all in one amplifier. This m…

  • Fender Stage 185

    Fender Stage 185 - Heavyspender's review


    150 watts. (Not conservative at all, trust me.) Open back 1x12 with stock “blue” Fender speaker . This is a “red knob” model so my understanding is that it’s considered vintage. Two channels – Clean and Overdrive/Distortion with a “boost option”.…

  • Fender Stage 100

    Fender Stage 100 - "Fender Stage 100"


    I've played multiple instruments since I was a kid ranging from drums and percussion to horns to guitars to piano/keyboards. I mostly play indie/experimental, guitar-based rock, but enjoy at least something from almost every style of music. Guitar C…

  • Fender Stage 100

    Fender Stage 100 - "Fender Stage 100"


    I purchased this amp at Guitar Center for about $450 because I was looking for an amp large enough for small gigs, bt small enough to practice with. It has built-in digital effects, it has a four-button footswitch, and it has the great Fender tone.…

  • Fender Stage 112 SE

    Fender Stage 112 SE - " Very good investment."


    US-amp transistor as we did so in time. -2 Jack inputs, an effects loop, footswitch outlet, and an output jack and an output for a firm. For power-130w, it dislocated severe. -Like all fender amps, perfect clear sound, the second channel satura…

  • Fender Stage Lead

    Fender Stage Lead - rebirth44's review


    Combo Amp 100w transistor Instrument input on front panel, footswitch and effects loop behind Clean channel: 1 Volume, 1 Treble, 1 and 1 Middle Bass Saturated channel: 1 Volume, 1 Master gain and 1, 1 Treble, 1 and 1 Middle Bass To decorate the w…

  • Fender Stage 185

    Fender Stage 185 - bbhack's review


    In ocazz it is scarce but there are still a ridiculous price (~ € 200) and since this amp is really not bad for the stage, I start a small personal opinion. For specifications: - Any amp transistor, CMOS technology, "tube simulator" (I finally …

  • Fender Stage 112 SE

    Fender Stage 112 SE - Anthony.282's review


    It was the amp of a friend, which I plugged my guitar in general, my microphone when singing (or both together if galley but hey, to avoid ..) Transistor, 130W I believe? in any case very strong, two separate channels (eq) and contour, reverb, 2 in…