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  • Flux Updates All Plug-Ins To v2.0.10

    Flux Updates All Plug-Ins To v2.0.10

    02/20/09 in Flux :: Epure II

    All products Flux plug-ins have been updated to version 2.0.10.

  • Flux Updates Its Plug-Ins to v2.0.8

    Flux Updates Its Plug-Ins to v2.0.8

    02/12/09 in Flux :: Alchemist

    Flux has updated all its plug-ins to version 2.0.8.

  • Flux :: Alchemist

    Flux :: Alchemist

    10/01/08 in Flux :: Alchemist

    Alchemist is a sophisticated multi-band processor.

  • Flux :: Solera II

    Flux :: Solera II

    10/01/08 in Flux :: Solera II

    According to Flux, Solera is the result of much thought on the control of the sound dynamics, carried out for many long years by the FLUX team.

  • Flux :: Pure Series II

    Flux :: Pure Series II

    10/01/08 in Flux ::

    The Pure series takes up exclusive technologies of Alchemist and the bracket with specialized plug-ins featuring only one particular dynamic section. The Pure series includes a compressor, a de-compressor, an expander, a de-expander and a limiter.

  • Flux :: Epure II

    Flux :: Epure II

    05/26/08 in Flux :: Epure II

    Flux releases version II of their 5 band equalizer.

  • Flux :: Stereo Tool [freeware]

    Flux :: Stereo Tool [freeware]

    05/19/08 in Flux :: Stereo Tool [freeware]

    Flux has released a freeware plug in for Mac and Windows that is designed for precise control of the stereo image.