Forum guidelines (To be read and accepted before posting)

When posting, please follow the guidelines:

  • You must first see if your question hasn't already been asked by someone else. There's a search engineat your disposal for that reason.
  • You must choose the appropriate forum and limit your post to this forum (there's nothing more annoying than replying to a post, and then seeing it without a reply in another forum). Duplicate posts are systematically deleted.
  • You must post in the most precise category, this is not only better for others, but also for you Let's consider the following example:
    • Do you have a question about the XXX sound card ? The best thing is to post your message into the "XXX sound card" forum. This doesn't limit the visibility of your message at all! It will be automatically seen in parent categories("Digital Sound Cards" and "Music with computers" in this example)
    • in addition, XXX sound card users who are searching for info will be pleased to see all questions about the XXX card at a glance (this is true because one can search posts by product).
    • Finally - and most importantly, members subscribed to the XXX sound card mailing-forum will receive your posts by e-mail. This increases the visibility of your questions, and people who use this product will see them.
    • On the other hand, writing a question in "Music with Computers" when your question only concerns the XXX sound card doesn't help anyone and doesn't even increase your visibility!
  • You must only speak about legal things (no cracks, warez sites, software offers or pirated resources etc). Plus, anything that could shock minors is forbidden in the forums.
  • Software usually comes with a manual. It's often in english, But, if you are looking for it in another language, the distributor is supposed to be able to provide one. Since it's quite strange to ask for a software manual (if you have the software licence will you ask for a manual?), it is forbidden to request software manuals.
  • You must try to be explicit, giving as many details as possible so that other people can give direct and concise responses (We are not in front of your gear or equipment, we need as much info as possible!)
  • You must give your post an explicit title, so that it will be clear just what your post is about: messages such as "help", "read this", "need help"... are not explicit and won't attract readers.
  • Avoid spelling errors.
  • Also, SMS style isn't tolerated. If you want people to take the time to reply, take the time to write correctly.
  • DO NOT WRITE EVERYTHNG IN CAPITAL LETTERS: It appears as if you are shouting to those of us who are often on the internet!
  • No false advertising or SPAM: a forum is a place for exchanging useful info, not spam.
  • No classified adsin the user review section. There's a Classified ad section and an artists classified ad section for that.
  • Disrespectful behavior is not tolerated, no matter who or what it's directed at.
  • Most forums are dedicated to more technical subjects, and not off-topic zones (the few tolerated off topic posts must be signaled with the appropriate marker). Topics in the pub are more varied, but courtesy and respect are still mandatory.
  • Any and all slanderous, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, or threatening words will be systematically deleted. Keep in mind that YOU are solely responsible for what you post on AudioFanzine.

Thank you for your attention and happy posting!


They are mailing-lists (in the form of forums) which are specific to each product found on the site.

These mailinglist-forums were created in order to allow a member to ask a question to all users of a specific product. So that everyone can benefit from the responses, all exchanges are archived in the site in the form of a mini-forum specific to each product.

These mailinglist-forums are made up of :

  • Members who use the product in question. (When a member adds a product to their profile list, he/she can choose whether or not to subscribe to the corresponding mailinglist-forum.)
  • Subscribed members, or those who post a message.

Especially in mailing-forums, it's forbidden to be off-topic because a post triggers the sending of an email to all members subscribed to this mailinglist-forum.

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