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Thread Dongle, What the heck is it

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1 Dongle, What the heck is it
As if there isnt enough terms I dont understand or have ever heard of, In reading an ad for one of Stinebergs sampler programs i came across the term Dongle. What is it or they.

Product Highlights:
No more need for multiple dongles

No extra payment for an additional dongle in each package of a VST instrument

(These are lines from the add)
A dongle is a small hardware device (but sometimes software-based), often plugged into a USB port, that acts as a "key" allowing one to use a particular software. ProTools, for instance, ships with a dongle, which must be plugged in, in order to use their software. Dongles are an attempt to dissuade the use of pirated software, but the ever diligent hacker community has always found ways around these challenges and dongles provide little resistance to the underground pirate community. Dongles keep the honest people honest, but thats about it.