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Thread Need more Depth

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Topic Need more Depth
Hey everyone whats up?
Me and my band recently recorded a 3 song demo, and Im pleased at how it was recorded. The thing I dont like to much about it is the mix. ie. The guitars are very low in the mix and sound really ?tinny?, the vocals are way too loud, etc.
I was screwing around with Cool Edit to try and bring up the mids abit and give the tracks some more depth and demension, but I wasnt pleased with any of my results.
If anyone out there understands what I mean about depth and knows how to help me out a bit, please, your advise will be kindly appreciated.
Thanks in advance to anyone who posts input.

P.S. I dont know if I can put links on here or not.
but if you wanna check out the tunes if you dont understand what I mean, take a listen and you will instantly know what Im talking about.
you simply cannot fix a bad mix in mastering, you need to remix it if possible.....mastering requires eq'ing, compression, limiting...there is no way you can use any of those to properly fix it, youd just end up with really loud midrange sounds or itd sound like a big blur...baaaad.....you gotta remix if possible, do you have each guitar part and vocal on its own track... on tape or on your comp?

thats the only way to fix it

if you have no way of remixing...you gotta re-record, and this time have each signal (guitar, keys, vocals, drums) on their own channel & tra when recording...
Right on, thanks for the info. We got one of our buddies to record and mix it so we might be able to get the tapes of the individual instruments. I'll ask him. I didnt think there was a way, but I ws just hoping.
cool man, always worth asking though

some people think you can fix a bad mix though mastering, it simply cannot be done

even if youre jesus christ allah buddah mastering guru... :)