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Thread I'm new and I want to buy new synth

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1 I'm new and I want to buy new synth
I'm planing to buy new synthesizer. but I still have too many choice. I like electronic sound like Radiohead, Board of Canada, Mum, Notwist, Mouse on Mar, Air,...
and I really want to get analog synth like ...Moog Prodigy, SH101, Pro One but I also want synth that have versaltiel function like ... Monomachine, Ion, MS2000(VA)

If you were me which synth is the best choice in your oppinion for this moment? analog or virtual analog?

I have budget around 1,xxx-2,000 US

Could you please give me some recomedation. (now I got only microKorg)
You have probabaly already baught a synth but... what the heck...

I believe Sam's way is the one to go. From the stuff you mentioned, i'd go with ION. Good sound (preety deep, which is something in which Reason (I believe) lacks).
i think for $2000 you should check out the Waldorf Q+
No contest as far as this question is concerned, Korg Triton Extreme - :D
Serious synth for not serious money - 120 notes polyphonic, 16 track sequencer, dual arppeggiator, stereo sampling, 160 meg rom - all the sounds from thr Triton studio and then all the optional cards thrown in as well. This board will cover most styles and definately any electro music (dance/ambient)
Check out the review in this months sound on sound magazine.