Electro-Harmonix Knockout

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 5 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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MountAnDewMe's review"Odd tone filter"

Electro-Harmonix Knockout
This is indeed one the odder effects in my bag. It is considered to be an equalizer filter pedal. It uses analog high and low filters to combine the newly tailored sound with the original one. While it is called an attack equalizer it certainly effects the entire sound. It utilizes three control knobs, low, dry, and high to set the two filters and mix the wet and dry signals. There is a quarter inch input jack and a quarter inch output jack and can be powered from a nine volt battery or an AC adapter.


In my opinion the manual included is useful and deceptive at the same time. Since EH bills this as an attack equalizer that will fatten a strat like a paul or thin a paul like a strat it leaves a lot to be desired. The unit is very easy to use and can either be placed in your effects chain the same as an equalizer or in the effects loop of the amp. The unit seems to do very little in front of an amp however in the effects loop it has an insane amout of shaping power. Simply set the low and high filters and blend with your original signal.


I prefer to use this in the effects loop with a guitar. It can be used with a bass however but I rarely find myself using it with bass. As I stated it seems to have little effect on the signal when used in front of the amp. It is a true bypass pedal so it will not color your sound when it is disengaged. When it is in the effects loop however this becomes a beast. It can be used to add a high end edge, add low end punch, or my favorite add both high and low and blend out a good amount of the dry signal. By nature it seems to have a scooped mid and can act like a contour control on roids. It can add a metal edge to an amp that usually does not generate tones in that vibe. Although it does sound there is something inorganic about it and it seems to become apparant after time.


There really are not many pedals to compair this to and it is a neat novelty to own. It is fun but it always finds its way out of service. Maybe if I had less gear options in the amp and guitar departments it would see more service but I always seem to have fun with it untill i decide my tone is better without it in general. It is not a costly pedal but it also sees limited action so value is a wash and I belive it sticks around more as a novelty then anything else. I think it would have been a better unit if maybe the filters were frequency assignable but meh it was inexpensive so what did I expect. It is well built but if something would happen to it I do not believe I would be desiring a replacement.

swmcv2007's review

Electro-Harmonix Knockout
This is a pretty simple EQ pedal. It has 3 filters, Low, Dry, and High. You can boost or cut any of them however you want. This pedal is supposed to be able to make humbuckers shine like single coils and vice versa. From what I understand it's very simple analog technology that has been around since the 60's. It has an input, output, and a place to plug in a 9V adapter. Fairly simple, and easy to use.

I gave it an 3 because it doesn't do what its supposed to do, but and it doesn't eat the tone when it's off.


It is very easy to use. Each of the filters is very easy to understand. Dry means the original unaffected signal. They could have done more but there's not really anything thats confusing so I gave it an 6.


Here's where the problems lie. The sound. This is the crunchiest pedal ever made. On a guitar its almost useless. It either makes a distorted guitar so crunchy it makes you nauseous, or it makes a clean guitar so crunchy it makes you nauseous. It sounds cool in the first 5 minutes but after that you start to get very annoyed and you end up tossing it in a corner. It will overdrive your tube amp in a second and no matter how much I tweaked everything I couldn't get a real sounding or useful guitar tone. I read that it was supposed to make humbuckers sound like single coils and I thought "Hey, this sounds like a great pedal." I was wrong. It does not do anything like that.

I tried it on my friends Rickenbacker 4003 through a Fender Bassman and I did get a pretty cool almost wooden tone but it gets old fast. It's almost like Boosty Collins, but due to the limits of this pedal you can't quite get there.

I gave this pedal a 2 because it was thoroughly disappointing.


I am not happy with this pedal. It does not really have a useful sound in it no matter what you use it with. I read about it on musiciansfriend.com and thought it would allow me to get brighter tones but it did not deliver. While I should've known for 60 bucks that it would probably be of poor quality, I expected more from Electro-Harmonix.

I recommend that people avoid this pedal. It's a waste of money and they are worth nothing if you trade them in.

I give it a 2 overall.

manuk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Knockout
it is a double filter (1passe there and a high-pass) + volume input
by pedal


simple configuration with a volume over a dry filter is simple and effective


This pedal allows you to sculpt the sound of your instrument very finely and very simple, if you spend a little time it really improves the sound quality of the instrument ... I tested it with a Jazzbass a Squier Bass VI and Jagmaster a jetbaritone Gretsch, a Fender telecaster bass. I was able to correct minor flaws bothered me for each instrument, provide some clarity in addition to those equipped with humbucker ... my Jagmaster has transcended found I could get out of it near its a telecaster ... I got out very dub sounds of my Jazzbass


an excellent price-quality ratio, which would be great is the ability to adapt frequency filters for even more flexibility ...

dravode's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Knockout
Equalizer electro-harmonix pedal format.
3 pots, a LED, 9 Volt power supply, classic, nothing abnormal.


The manual was not very important, but as often Ches EHX, very simple settings. The low increases the bass, treble increases the high, dry and increase the input volume.


This is in sound it gets interesting. I bought this pedal as a bass player. At the time, I was playing on a low-end amp, and I tested this pedal on an amp low-end store.

I wanted to test this pedal just to see, and I left with. This pedal provides more roundness and warmth to the sound. I used it almost constantly engaged, and I avoided cold and the sound of my amp. It was amazing, this pedal change the sound of my amp, but not necessarily add to the attack (unlike the name).

I tested it on paul epiphone and Squier Telecaster and it's true we can Avoie the sound of another with the effect. Finally, on a les paul, the sound resembles a Strat, but it stops there. To see.

In any case I prefer it as a bass player.


I bought it in early last year, but I have more utility too, because I opted for a preamp tube amp. I think this pedal is very unique and original, it is perfect to enhance the sound of an amp cold. It is useless on a good amp.
For a guitarist, I would say why not, but my try with your gear ;)

Jazzstang's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Knockout
What are the effects or types of effects available? </ I>
An equalizer says "attack" is infact an EQ 2 band, a low, one high and dry in the middle for a shuffled qualisation the buggers with the sound of the guitar. What technology is used? (analog numrique lamp ...)</ i>
I believe it is an analog low technoloie vieu attack on the equalizer of the same manufacturer, in a bit more lightweight ...
Are they ditables? Via an editor Mac / PC? </ I>
Not a style that is not too EHX! hhhbr /> What is the connection ? (Audio / MIDI) </ i>
mono jack in jack mono out, it&#39;s easy (EHX)
Is this a rack or rack MODEL? </ I>

CHARACTERISTICS level let&#39;s say I put 8 parcque if simplicity is the thing dcevoir We know what to expect, and I am a conviend trs good (not too juis mesa and another with engl rglages too ...) but I&#39;ll just say that not provide food (as often ...) but that in addition, we can not put a battery (I do not care, j use all my pedals on power supply.


Configuration gnrale Is it easy? The edition sounds and effects is it easy? The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Nothing is easier just three knobs turned in all directions, one can at the beginners pif, then finds. Not for against that (and this is logical) totally changes the sound of a guitar the next. But can be ultra radical. Half of my home made box, you boost the bass that lgrement and / or treble on my jagstang you change the sound Carment
For the manual ... EHX A5 = a simplex. And frankly, I did not even look ...

I put 10 parcque is the highlight of the whole range EHX my point of view.


The effects are they effective, suitable and adequate ralistes? Which instruments do you use? What are those you prfrez, you dtest?
With my Start sounds jackson, my Start sounds and my telecaster tele sounds ... twice the tele! Finally it as rglage, but the demo they sell can change the sound of a micro scratches to simulate other, it&#39;s almost true, the effect is at least trs trs interesting, even if I got it does not abuse scaffold. As I said your exact asss can be radical, because you can only get coupantle dry bass and treble, and a rel oben kill the mid, I ENTSO a lightweight yet lack of transparency in the dry, but it is not their expected forcment. It scaffold to watch out the place in his string of effect, placed before the distortion gives a braille enough is not terible, plac APRS chorus, phaser, reverb and delay, adtruit is a nuance, but gives not bad either. Placed before the compressor or APRS is sounds really DIFFERENT. Parcontre, use with overdrive, distortion okey (you dirty rat I even sounds great with) but with fuzz ... my big chick, she aprcie too, the sound really deviend dgeulasse ... (At the same time I use it with ... the rglage spcial clbre rglage Mudhoney!)
With wha wha, made according bizard how the RULES, but can also really given her a voice that can be more interesting.
The only BMOL is that it emits a hum lightweight (nothing like a snarling dog disto type or a big muff but it&#39;s an EQ zarb ...) then 9 for a ( STRID yes I am ... well ... not too ... infact)


How long you use it and what is the particular feature you like best and least? Have you tried many other models before acqurir? How do you report qualitprix ? With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
I tried a lot of EQ (marshal, bringbeurkbeurk, digitech) but one particular feature that the filter sound good to him, and it is I like about gn eral at EHX, the price of a cot EQ digitech way, but frankly Different.
I advise those who want the pedals sound and not want to take the head. I have a 64 band EQ Dbx is on, you can really sound with his sculpture, but a radical knockout apprciable trs. dison, if it is to buy an EQ bands 4-5, much to the knock out.
I have been using it&#39;s now have a longer than 6 months and ... if it CRVE I takes a while ofSuite!
I use it as a, especially for me actually, but it sounds really good, we go from funk to blues with no problem, you sail from Texas to Chicago&#39;s through the delta&#39;s problem is really friendly, did sonn otherwise, and BPS was out of the mix (very important!) without taking the head in rglage. I often use a lamp 5w amp in a 4x12 cabinet not terrible (which trane in my room BPS), and with a drummer who bangs like a deaf man (dave grohl style?) One hears me no problem thanks in part this little beauty!

I put him nine short, but if you want something subtle work well for your sound divide these two notes. is to draw the outline and radically changed his guitar without changing (fun to scratch the surface a stratum and a sound out of a chorus teleisant just by pushing a button on their person but sounds !)