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Svetlana Guitar Amp Tubes user reviews

  • Svetlana EL 34

    Svetlana EL 34 - "Classic Tubes that are pretty common"


    I recently discovered, after taking apart my Marshall combo, that these are almost always the standard tubes that Marshall puts into its amps. This has been their go-to tube for quite some time. I think you could say that they are the standard for th…

Translated user reviews
  • Svetlana EL 34

    Svetlana EL 34 - " False but true still exists."


    How to distinguish the true from the false? The real is Svetlana SED = C = EL34, built to Svetlana factory in St. Petersburg. This is probably the best EL34 production. It delivers the most accurate and most balanced sound that is bringing a lot o…

  • Svetlana 6L6 GC SED

    Svetlana 6L6 GC SED - " a very good 6L6"


    installed for 2 weeks in my GH50L, whose DD showed signs of weakness, sounded a bit dull, winded after three years of service. The pair delivered by Tone Factory is perfectly apairée, and his side I won fermeté.A fact I began to doubt the power of my…