Boss DS-1 Distortion - Full Rock - Modded by MSM Workshop
Boss DS-1 Distortion - Full Rock - Modded by MSM Workshop

DS-1 Distortion - Full Rock - Modded by MSM Workshop, Distortion from Boss.

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Faber_FDM's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A complete and very effective mod."

Boss DS-1 Distortion - Full Rock - Modded by MSM Workshop
It is a very complete mod Boss DS-1 offers two additional switches, one on the side of the tone that offers three types of clipping: Led, Boost and Germanium (left to right) and other 'on the side of the gain which offers two levels of gain.


I sent my pedal was moddée by MSM Workshop workshop so I can not say anything about the kit itself and easy to change. So I'll just say that the pedal is very easy to use, we see pretty quickly that the sound has been changed, it is more balanced, and that is the sound that you want very quickly. For the rest, it's the Boss DS-1. It is simple and adjustments are known.


First, I want to say that I like the DS-1, it's a great pedal which can be found on the full record of the 90s I listened. For me, this is THE grain alternative rock I like (Ride, Weezer, Pixies, Nirvana, etc..). Of course, it also has many flaws. The main is that to spend 10h on Tone, you really have to be a pervert of the worst kind, the highs are screaming so they would come to milk a donkey. So, what I expected from this model is that it solves this problem while keeping the original grain of the pedal. It is this and better yet! As I am not a technical expert, I'm just trying to explain how it differs from the original. Germanium position, right, this is about the sound of the original, but without the highs that fart head. The race Tone is now fully usable. The pedal retains its mythical grain, slightly more compressed maybe. In the left position, the LED, the sound is much fuller, balanced, you feel a rising bass and the sound is much less compressed, more natural. It's beautiful. The middle position, Boost, seems very close to the LED, but with just a little more volume, maybe a tad clearer, but it is not so obvious. The second switch attenuates the gain a little and makes the fat sound. Personally, this is how I prefer the sound of this pedal because even reduced the gain is consistent fashion. It is therefore not necessary to think that the mod transforms into overdrive distortion. It's just that the distortion is more natural, less 'fuzzy' when the switch is engaged. In the end, my favorite position is the LED with the switch 'low gain' engaged. In this position, with my Gibson SG, I can really play the volume knob to go from a week light has a fat crunch. Then I boost pedal with a Maxon OD-808 and I get creamy leads to perfection.
I tested the pedal a Marshall JCM 2000 and tried to compare the sound of the pedal that saturated the Marshall channel. It is very close. The pedal is still a little less natural, but for me, this is important too. When I use the DS-1, I want a sound a tad lo-fi. For a simulation of outright Marshall, there are other pedals (like Barber Direct Drive, MI Audio Crunch Box).


In the end, it really is a great pedal. The grain of the DS-1, but a fuller sound and a wider range of sounds.
Say I have tried many other models before, this is an understatement, I played everything and anything (like pedals cheap Danelectro Fab Tone to Zvex Box of Rock through the Barber , the Boss, the Tech 21, Ibanez, etc..). This pedal is in the top of the basket is a real Swiss Army knife at the same time a recognizable sound of a thousand. Tired of your DS-1? I highly recommend this mod.
PS / Just a note: I'm a fan of alternative rock and I play pop and rock music. So I can not speak to the qualities of this pedal perspective fans Satriani & Co this mod may also be of interest.

Disto14's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nothing to do with the original"

Boss DS-1 Distortion - Full Rock - Modded by MSM Workshop
(Excerpt from manual)
- The next tone switch:
This switch plays on how the signal is clipped. There are three positions:
LED, germanium and clean boost.
The position of germanium:
Easily recognizable by its very low output level compared to
other. The sound is close to the original but gives a little more compression. Rather
for high rates of gain.
The central location clean boost:
Here the output level is very powerful! Attention to the ears! Rather, the rate
low gain, this setting allows you to use the pedal as a boost of course.
Usually on a clean channel or a little crunch already. But also as such
for blues sounds.
Led the position:
The difference between LED and clean boost is mostly felt at high rates of gain.
They allow compression and a different attack. The LED gives a lot of
trunk and power while remaining in its slightly more compact than the clean position
- The Switch side Dist:
At two positions, that it reduces the rate of overall gain of the pedal. By
At the same time makes the sound fatter. You have to find your settings, combinations
are many! Msm would recommend using the rather low gain position on
positions led and clean boost.

In short a pedal that has very little to do with the original


Familiarize yourself with the various switches that change the pretty but we give it quickly.


I had the original DS1 I had found screaming at will.
The mod really changes the.
Already much less background noise and that it really matters for a disto.
Corrections are more effective sound.
Otherwise, more consistency in safe and sound, it was really nice and warm distortion.

The switch 3 position really brings very different colors from one mode to another position called "clean boost" is fine too high gain (to give to his fat). Otherwise, the one I prefer the LED position.

For cons, I am skeptical about the switch to lower the amount of distortion and give his censer overdrive. We keep a saturation distortion even turning down the gain and for me it is not really usable in overdrive, the sound becomes "soft" and not dynamic. I do not use it almost like that and prefers to use a true overdrive for that use.

Tried on a bass, it sounds great and food is not low frequencies.


I bought there a year and a half.
Although this is not my main distortion, I really appreciate its versatility.
A mod should be done on the DS-1 and I wonder why Boss does not include the serial.

Orcha's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss DS-1 Distortion - Full Rock - Modded by MSM Workshop
Typical configuration of the DS1, but this was more a 3 position switch for the character, and another two positions to gain.


It's simple, just tweak the sounds to find ... knowing that the switches can have six different sounds. This is also so easy to completely change the sound, no need to book.


Ah, finally we talk about something useful. The swith 3 positions allows for a very saturated its vintage fuzz type but there is a loss of sound for me. The intermediate position is a kind of boost with more grain. The third position is beautiful (the one I use as a fact) as a function of switch 2 position was either a distortion or an overdrive again with a grain vintage for me. The distortion is quite typed found the Iron Maiden to Led Zep through Black Sabbath, Cream Hedrix ... etc ... without the breath of origin nor the small nasal side of the original and most importantly, it is not at all noisy (I have a made in taiwan). Listed aouch overdrive! I never thought having a sound as warm with a DS1 ... great for rock but especially for the blues. Finally, to keep it simple so I put 10 BEAUTIFUL not because it is perfect, it is an opinion too subjective but the transformation is just sublime.


I use it for about 6 months. I had given up because it pleased me more than I found it really too noisy, I thought even at this crucial time to sell ... I came to the site MSMWORKSHOP which allowed me to keep it and especially to have fun with.
Without hesitation I do it again this election and especially I advise people with DS1 to do the same.
Have a look on their site because it offers interesting services.

tr72's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Jumbo"

Boss DS-1 Distortion - Full Rock - Modded by MSM Workshop


Simple configuration, two switches in addition to the original config of DS1.
The 2 switches add a palette of sound incredible. This is simple but we still have some time to shop around.

The first switch 3 positions: germanium boost and LED
The second switch can change the gain level (do not give the same result as the first position switch)


Nothing much to see and in addition to improved sound, there is virtually no wind, we found just a little when you push the pedal block.
Germanium on the position, there are sounds that range from vintage overdrive to heavy distortion in the level of earnings.
The position clean boost (while I love this), which is maybe not as clean as a function of gain, can be cruncher for a tube amp for great blues sound or even to go much further if the amp crunch already.
LED position allows for a lot of power.


I do not use it for a very long time but I'm a big fan and I am far from having come full circle. In addition it will save me some room on my pedalboard since it acts as an OD and distortion boost, and it does great.
With this mod you go with a correct minor defects to a great pedal with multiple functions. You can really go from blues to hard rock.
In the end I put 9 because I do not know if the pedal is perfect is when a question of taste and repertory. If I only take my case it really is not far from perfection to the point that I do understand that bosses do not like that at the origin, where at least an option.

On top of that the guys at MSM are adorable, it's a real pleasure to send the pedals.

phaesis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss DS-1 Distortion - Full Rock - Modded by MSM Workshop
Analog Modified by MSM Workshop!


Well, hey there! it's a big slap when one listens to a pedal by modified MSM! I had a Boss DS-1 that I no longer used because it was missing that little something that MSM has successfully ... MSM has sublimated this pedal and offered him unique opportunities, you find yourself spending hours to enjoy the different sounds, true madness at its ... and yet God knows I've tried all brands of gear and then I tip my hat to the work because it is a killing this pedal now! Frankly if you have a DS-1 made no hesitation to make the change quickly, you will be amazed! Besides, I'm about to send my brand new Proco Rat for editing in the Rat, and impatient to see the result!
Congratulations to MSM Worshop that deserves real recognition given the quality of the changes! It's hello audience for musicians in search of her, I'm going to tell my musician friends! / dominiquevassart / phaesis