Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O
Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O

DO-1 Daddy O, Distortion from Danelectro.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
 3 reviews33 %
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MGR/Martijn Hoekstra11/09/2003

MGR/Martijn Hoekstra's review"Danelectro Daddy O"

Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O
Regular Guitar shop, $75

Beautifull howling distortion with long straight sustain. Very ajustable with five knobs, to let you create just the sound you want. I clames "vintage" sound. I dont really know what exactly they mean, but it does sound mean. From a slightly edgy sound for blues solos to a roaring distortion for metal, this pedal has it all.

after thinking long and hard i really wouldnt be able to say something bad about this unit

This is one strudy box. Stomp on it, kick it around the stage, do a little dance on it (could be very experimental ballet) this device doesnt bulge.

If you are thinking what distortion you want, stop. Run to the store. Buy this pedal. Play like hell and enjoy the beautifull sound this pedal spits out. An absolute winner.

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MGR/Lee, Oz.10/03/2003

MGR/Lee, Oz.'s review"Danelectro Daddy-O"

Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O
I got this one second hand at a local guitar shop for about $100 AUD.

This pedal is a good one if you want something that produces a smooth and classic sort of distortion sound. It's good how the level of overdrive can be pulled right back, so it can be used just to give some crunch, without being too distorted.
Three EQ controls (Treb,Mid,Bass) is excellent because it gives you a lot more controlthan just a tone knob. The sound from the Daddy-O can be quite 'middy' so it's helpful in that way too.
I find that the Daddy-O keeps the original feel and sound of the guitar, unlike other distortion units which sound like its taken your signal and processed it into something else.
The Danelectro classic styling is also a cool feature.

Don't buy this one for a really 'modern' sound, its much better for a retro feel. I've tried studio recording with it but it just doesn't have the quality to be a top level pedal.
Better to use at home and small gigs.

Generally the Danelectro's are solid and look good. Their one flaw is the switches- these can tend to have problems, as I've found with my Danelectro tuner.

The Daddy-O is good fun at a pretty good price. It is a lot better than other pedals I've used in this price range- the sound is far more 'real' with much more body and tone. It can be pulled right back which is really important, which makes it very useable. The sound is fairly 'genre-specific'(classic/retro), however, but if this is your style, you'll probably like it.

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MGR/C.C.P.'s review"Danelectro Daddy O"

Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O
I bought this pedal from my uncle for $30 around february of 2000.

I abslutely adore this pedal. First, it's rock solid. The case isn't made out of that puny kind of aluminum that others are made of. Considering I am a very active player when I play live, I NEED strong gear like this. Secondly, the tone is great for most genres of music, but it specializes in scooped mid heavy metal work. It makes bad amps sound great! I play speed/death metal at the fastest speeds possible, and the tone stays defined even with the mid scooped and everything else maxxed out.Finally, a lot of people automatically dismiss it because of its retro 50's design, but who cares! The only thing you should look for when judging a pedal is tone, baby!The tone is comparable(not better than, however)to the overdrives from fulltone, the best pedal company on earth!

The knobs are a bit small, but that shouldn't stop you from buying one.

As I said earlier, it will NEVER break!

The tone is great, the case is great, the prices on them arent bad at all if you look really well. Usually, when they're brand new, they cost around $60-$70.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Danelectro Daddy-O"

Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O
I bought the unit over the Internet from PieDog.com (a UK Internet only instrument dealer) for the princely sum of GBP 40

It is controlled using the normal drive and volume pots, as well as a full three band EQ.

The overdrives produced by the Daddy-O are some of the most manageable and useable I have come across to date. In tone, it is fairly similar to an Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer (although only half the price)
The build is fantastic - mine's been dropped at least 100 times over the 12 months I've owned it, and I've hardly even managed to knock the paint off it!

The only thing I'm not too keen on with this pedal is the closeness of the knobs. My fat little fingers sometimes have trouble getting in there.

Build quality is fantastic - made out of some sort of cast metal which appears to be 1/8 inch thick.

While not suitable for all applications (especially metal and that sort of thing) all round it is a fantastic overdrive pedal. You really can't buy better for this sort of price.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Danelectro Daddy-O"

Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O
I bought the unit at Musician's Friend for about $70 because I wanted to
buy an overdrive pedal.

I like the tone of the Daddy-O and this is mainly due to the three tone controls,
you can hollow out the midrange or boost the midrange or and combination of
your bass, mids and treble. The other thing I like about it is that it has a metal
casing, and it is durable, it would take a lot to break this pedal.

I didn't like knobs on the pedal, they can be hard to adjust because they are close
together and it's hard to get a good clean overdrive at a higher volume setting (on
the pedal, not the amp or guitar).

The construction is tough, metal casing, real heavy and the quality is great. You can
be sure that this isn't going to break easily.

I like the Daddy-O a lot and wouldn't trade it for nearly any other overdrive. It's one of
the best that I've played.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

Stfsatan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Punk overdrive"

Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O
it is an overdrive pedal, not editable, not rackmount, analog!


Quite simple, the manual is helpful and clear, with some setting examples! Resolve this pedal is a breeze if you have small fingers, because the knobs are glued one has the other!


The overdrive is very loyal and realistic, I use a jackson dx10d equipped with DiMarzio Super Distortion and PAF Pro!


It has been 12 years since I had it, I tried a few others of the same type pedal (overdrive) and this one is my favorite was the time! What I like most is the sound, of course, but also its robustness! least the knobs glued one to the other!
Report qualitée price is right and I buy it back without problems !!!!!!!!

Jim92's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O
Overdrive pedals-saturation.

Trs sturdy box (very heavy)

Analogique.Utilise the same technology that Op amp in the Marshall Guvnor (TL072)
1 input, 1 output jack 6.35
Posiibilit with the power transformer or battery (battery hatch very practical - better than BOSS for my part)


Simple. Efficace.Les The EQ is 3 buttons are a little too close, but at the same time a rgls, it is left over!

The footswitch is soft (no sofa bed as BOSS, or Marshall guvnor)


Good overdrive in all!

We're going to the big bluesy sound saturation.
Unfortunately we can not use the pedals as a boost. The drive to the minimum + volume pedals to the max, it lowers the volume of the guitar (unlike a Tubescreamer by EX)!

Compare with Tubescreamer TS-10: the sound is much less chaud.On approaches the sound of the Marshall Guvnor (first edition). By pushing the drive, we approach slowly the Fuzz (without really achieving even when ;-)

The sound is as good as rhythm solo


Trs PDAL good overall. Polyvalente except for the large mtal drooling.

30 euros buys secondhand

christofair's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O
It is a distortion in the typical retro design in Danelectro
rare on this type of pedal, an EQ with 3 knobs: low, mid, high.
small space between each knob, great attention to the fingers.
runs on 9v battery or external power supply.


To adjust the distortion is made as usual on this kind of machine: you turn the gain and output volume.
of the 3 eq knobs are happy to be there and are really something, there are several possible settings for different sounds.
I did not have a manual with, there was no need. the switch holds the road, but getting tired, it is not as robust as in Marshall or Electro Harmonix. The knobs are not easy super close, but it's not very serious.
Guitar pedal, very good results on bass and various synth sounds.


Old school! The sound is super nice. Anyone who likes REM, Suede, Oasis, Blur will love. There is a side "grainy" and strident in the curve of this distortion, like on some of Mr. Kravitz riffs and Black Sabbath! A bit like when you plug an MXR distortion in a Marshall head. All background, it recalls the Ramones ...
The sound is very particular, and must not be abused. Personal I use just the beginning of the song to start a riff, or in another song that I will turn to a solo. For the price (about 60 th in okaz) was something very different from the Boss and the opposite of all things digital.
Bof with a guitar sound will be ok, but with a guitar that sends the sauce, it will send the cinderblock!


I have 3 years. I came across it completely by chance, a friend I had spun. Quality / price ratio ok, the box is solid but the knobs and switches are not super strong. The price / sound quality is at the top.
Some will laugh but I predict that this pedal will be collector's item in recent years.
In the immediate future I recommend that the punks are the Boss too normal and brit-poppers who can not find their sound with their Pod xt.

jboul's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O
C an all analog overdrive. to level on pots there is a 3 band equalizer, output level and the rate of distortion. a metal box c: VERY solid, with a small geule simpa. on the other hand we regret the lack of bypass on the interuptor. May the good will be the must. (9 for the bypass)


Using very simple, we know s' used in 1 minute. the manual and really well with a dozen configuration examples and instructions in French. against you by an aver compressor, be careful, this pedal vraimen reacted to reports that preceded it, so you have the meter nivau out of the compressor has his order not to alter the gain pa. May has her any problems.


Then that is a really good overdrive. when the triggers are s' expects a slight crunch, which is May but the gain was then the bottom is the limit of distortion. the sound is really a very good grain and warmth, perfect for rock and punk (surment blues, but I 'not play). on the other hand for metals, that is not for you, rather to the rate of FAB TONE.


I use it for 1 month. j Avaya try IBANEZ TS9 (asser not gain) a ELECTRO HARMONIX Big Muff (no asser Polivalente), an MXR Distortion + (asser not warm) and a BOSS overdrive, distortion (not like boss). it has an Excellent value for money (equivalent to marshall). Finally I will not repeat the choice if I Orai more Argentine ...