Dunlop Poly Pick
Dunlop Poly Pick

Poly Pick, Guitar Pick/Plectrum from Dunlop.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 6 reviews )
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MGR/emauser's review"Dunlop Medium Picks"

Dunlop Poly Pick
For a while I have been using some grey Dunlop .88mm guitar picks. They are made of nylon and have a lot of tiny bumps on them to help with the grip. I play guitar in the worship band at my church, and these grips help a lot when playing live.

I bought these at Don's Music Land for about $4 for a pack of six.

Like many guitarists out there, I have tried hundreds of different picks. The reason I have stuck with these picks is because of the feel of them. The raised bumps give you a superior grip to the normal flat guitar pick. I never really had a problem with dropping my picks before, but sometimes they would rotate in my hand, but the grip on these picks stops this from happening.

The only thing I don't like about these guitar picks is the fact that they don't come in any cool designs. They are either solid or black. I know it's not that big of a deal, but a little design would be nice.

These picks hold up pretty well. Eventually, like all guitar picks, they wear down a little bit, but I have never had one break or crack, even after playing some live shows.

Overall, this picks won't make a tremendous difference in your playing, but the grip they give does help when playing live shows, or when your hands get sweaty.

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MGR/robbie's review"Planet Waves Picks"

Dunlop Poly Pick
i bought these suckers at sam ash, 5 bucks for 25 picks. excellent deal.

they are the best picks i have ever used. they dont wear down easily at all, ive done many guitar slides with the same pick and it would still play well. they are durable in all gages. ive had the same pack for about a year and i still have 15 or so left and i play ALLLLOT.

they're isnt anything i dont like about them.

durable as a mother. my girlfriend chewed one oup for some reason and it played as good as it had before. and out of the package they have a great grip. after a few months it goes away, but thses are some of the only picks that you can actually play for a few months without them craping out on you.

if you dont lose picks often, buy these. they will last a good while. they are the only picks i use anymore that dont break down after hours of playing. they last. i reccomend them for any type of player beginner to pro, death metal to smooth jazz.

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MGR/Andrew Rabloczky01/12/2003

MGR/Andrew Rabloczky's review"Jim Dunlop Picks"

Dunlop Poly Pick
I buy it all the time I need one. I live in Hungary, I can get it in every guitar store. So I usually buy it in one piece, not in stock. It costs 1 bucks. I use Green Tortex 0.88, Red Tortex 0.50, and Nylon 0.88.

It's quality man, quality! I used to play with Gibson, Fender picks, but after a short I headed to Dunlop picks. Fender brakes, Gibson tears, and reverse. Dunlop is the only pick, that solid,flexible, and comfortable.
Green T 0.88 for fast solos, heavy riffs.
Nylon 0.88 for funk, jazz.
Red T 0.50 for chords.

There's nothing I don't like about it.

Good, I've never could brake or tear any.

I don't use other picks, just JD picks, despite I tried many. It's not just mine opinion, most guitarists say the same.

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MGR/brian's review"Fender Picks"

Dunlop Poly Pick
I bought these picks in a guitar shop in ireland,i kept loseing my picks all the time.They cost alot too, 50cent each.

theres nothing good to say about them.

I bought 5 of these and within a cuple of hours they all had either broken or torn.The thin ones tore in half and the medium ones broke.

they are prety pour in quality for the price.

overall these are the worst pics i ever used.

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MGR/VampiroIX's review"Dunlop Medium Picks"

Dunlop Poly Pick
I paid like a buck for a two of these from a friend. They looked pretty cool and I needed a pick fast. I didn't think much of it at the time.

These picks are some of the best I've ever used. I own a pretty assorted crew of picks ranging from different sizes to different brands but Dunlop seems to stand out. My hands can get pretty sweaty in those long jam sessions but these don't slide out of my hands like some picks do. They also seem to strike a pretty good sound out of my guitar.

Don't really have any dislikes here

These things were new when I got them and after a year I can still see the little words on them, even after all my blood, sweat, and tears (Well sweat and tears anyway). They seem pretty sturdy too.

I say pick yourself up some Dunlop picks soon. I mean, who couldn't use a few more picks and it's good to try out different kinds to see exactly what you like. I definitly recomend these.

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MGR/Dan's review"Dunlop Picks"

Dunlop Poly Pick
guitar shop for 50c

I love the grip I get - I dont get with any other pick. I sweat a lot and the other picks dont stand a chance. Strong too!



buy this pick if you like to play lould heavy long.

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