Nameofsound dB Killer MK2
Nameofsound dB Killer MK2

dB Killer MK2, Guitar Power Attenuator from Nameofsound.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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lems00's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Nameofsound dB Killer MK2
Everything has been said!
Power attenuator made in France in order to operate a tube amp without popping ears!
It is very well built, the fan is inaudible and is triggered only when playing. It does not heat and takes up little space.


Super simple, the output of the amplifier to the input of the attenuator and the output of the attenuator to the speaker and that's it, no AC power is self-powered one branch.

The mine is a hyper-30dB so versatile with the 3 switch (-6dB /-12dB /-12dB).


I use a 20W tube amp. After trying several attenuation rate I got the best compromise to-12dB, I can push the master half without altering the sound from-18dB I start to lose too low and I have to push the master , which gives me less clean distortion.


I use it for one week and I do spend more. Ideal for playing at home and have his "lamp".
The ratio Q / P is correct, this is good stuff, it's well thought out and it is made in France, what more!

I remake this choice without hesitation!

Yobxx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent!"

Nameofsound dB Killer MK2
It is "reducing power" a: a box that is connected between the output of the power amp and speaker => dissipates part of the "power" to limit the striker sent the HP.

The db-killer MK2 is intended for amp 1-150 watts.

An input (to connect to the HP output of the power amp) and two outputs (for connecting 1 or 2 speakers).

3 switch front to combine three levels of attenuation (between -6 and -12 db, specify when ordering as indicated on the website NOS and according to your need mitigation - Personal I taken -12 -12 -6).

It should be specified when ordering on the site NOS, the desired (and therefore characteristic function of your amp and cabinet to connect) impedance.

The device has an internal ventilation self-powered and silent.


Simply connect the speaker cables.


I had read very good reviews on this unit.

I was not disappointed: it makes perfect job. I can now use my Carvin Nomad (all tube 50 watts) in my apartment and repetition, as well as the clean crunch channel (which requires a minimum gain to develop a good sound balance) channel.

The db-killer respects the sound of the amp, even with a strong attenuation of volume! (In my case, I just perceive a slight "buzz" at the same time as the notes played, when the attenuation is maximum and I play at very low volume. Disturbing Nothing good).


I use it with delight, for several weeks.

So actually, it is not cheap (290 euros) but it's downright good job and the price is perfectly consistent in terms of what the competition offers.

Made to order, it comes in a relatively short time: about 10 days.

aurelman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" OUR Efficassité Quality made in FR"

Nameofsound dB Killer MK2
for technical characteristics will see the manufacturer's website (French)

power attenuator is the traditional way, by hand and with the demand option on request.

dB'killer has only allowed the impedance 4 or 8 or 16 ohm, specified when ordering.

200W max.

3 switch -6 or -12 dB to reduce the volume (a specified when ordering)

attenuator passive (no power)

An input (amp)

2 outputs (speaker)

option line out with volume.

Loudbox option.

very well finished product looks indestructible!


you plug ...
we play ...
you push the switch ...
you push the amp a background ...
and it no longer stops playing ......................................... .


attenuator very neutral, mine is down-24dB
I use a Fender Band Master head of 40w
before I played a 4 and I had never heard the crunch this amp's natural!
Now I play a 9 with its beautiful and wonderful crunch at your fingertips!

a-24dB I can back in the apartment without worry!


very nice equipment, indispensable for anyone who wants to push an amp into the lamp retrenchment!

I opted out Line, which allows me to register live example.

I saw palmer, power wagon, the TAD and Koch.
I hesitated with Koch, but I took the NOS! no regrets!

purchased the eyes closed

Mr. CORTIER (NOS) and easily reachable for any info from their site.

OUR thank you

kerry's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Quality Made in France"

Nameofsound dB Killer MK2
Attenuator to decrease the power - 6, -12 and -18 dB. What's the point: very simple, push your amp and enjoy the power section and play at lower volume while maintaining the same grain of the amp and the same dynamic

Who says better??

Finally a way to push its head again, at home and playing at reasonable volume
very useful for heads with a bad master or not at all

small, solid, metallic black, hand-made inscription engraved in the metal

Solid, simple and effective, no screen, it's handmade by unit

There are several versions, I have full option being loadbox and lineout

You can choose between models 4, 8 or 16 ohm - please specify when ordering


- 3 switches (front), each corresponding to a decrease of -6 dB down they each turn to combine mitigation
- An input (for connection to amp), 2 speaker output

Attention specify impedance when placing your order depending on the impedance of your speaker

my head can come out in 4, 8 or 16 ohm - 8 ohm in my cabinet
I chose model 8 ohm

On the version with loadbox: a switch (front) to transfer your speaker (over the fate of the cabinet so this is useful if Vou sn evoulez ebaffle not use or if you do not)

On the version with line out, an outing with the front volume knob (you can see it as a master)

In fact, they are 2 options you may have about not much (60 euros for 2 and 290 I believe in the basic version) - have one without the other has no interest for me, as do load box without having to line out, set to do nothing or he must explain - just make the full version without the option or option
The price is almost the same

These two functions are useful if you want to dub your head (post amp and preamp) into your sound card, mixer (and it becomes unnecessary to have a speaker. It's not just add more simulation Hp your computer or to play live and practice to register with the amp pushed to its limits

I just got it and I did not test this function, I'll do an edit in hindsight

Manuel, bah just a leaf, nothing could be clearer

edit of 19.10.10

I finally used loadbox Part / line out

then plug into PC sound card - using simulation software in my HP acquisition - great sound, we find the character of vien NOS (sound that really depends on the type of simulation HP - must be quite a test for it yea good and very bad)

for this operation, you can lower your head but push the 3 knobs mitigation, was better
the master volume on the Db Killer can not send too much sauce in the sound card - very convenient
What is magic, you can record the raw sound of the amp then change simu HP comem you sing and hear the result

5 stars frankly, a good job Gerard


no loss of dynamics, frequency, grain regardless of attenuation

attenuator ultra transparent: no frequency is filtered (I tried on my NOS AC 100 and on my powerball)

it is even amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I used the last few days

never tried other models

great value for money when I see it like power attenuator (ultra clear) load boxes with line-out

there are plenty more that simus HP but now I ask too lol - maybe one day??

With hindsight, I reselect the Db Killer NOS, first for the quality of the product and secondly because OUR QUALITY stuff done and I really believe in her and her boss (no, I'm not endorsers lol)

I met the owner recently and I am racing my''home''for a little over 2 years

it is an incredible guy who manages a brand that has nothing to envy of larger and a dude to listen that welcomes you to his workshop to discuss and makes you share his passion - I went to see AC 100 modifeir my head - I got a war machine

I'm already equipped with an AC 100, 412 in a V30 and a ribanbelle jack-made

With the Db killer, it makes me more a product of NOS and I'm in heaven, anyway, I know I was not going to be disappointed

NOS is the quality stuff

Francaix buy, buy OUR

BassWalker's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Effective and quality."

Nameofsound dB Killer MK2
Power Attenuator 100W (200W peak).
This is due to hand the unit to order. So there is a side boutique nice.
The black case is super tough, I would say a kind of steel or alloy injected.
Very well assembled, the worker is meticulous ...
You can jump in with both feet if you want, it should take ...!
Yes, yes, there are concerts that end like that! Well, not every day anyway!
There is no fine serigraphs as in multinational companies, but they're crazy and above there is no need!

I have a 16 ohm version.
So order the version for your amp and your HP.

Then we have an entry for the amp and 2 outputs for 2 cabinets if you wish.
Remember to mitigate at least 6 dB in this case.
4 large rubber feet do not slip.

3 switch from -6 dB each to use as you see fit in any order you like, whatever.
A switch actuated = -6 dB
2 = -12 dB switch actuated
The 3 = -18 dB actuated

The principle and the result, power is divided by 4 whenever actuates a switch.
My amp is 50W, so I:
my 50W when nothing is pressed,
12.5 W-6dB (straightens it still is useful in small scenes)
3.12 W-12dB (at home or train is the ideal power)
0.75 W at-18dB (good for use in apartment)


Ben is not a gas engine ...
It is autonomous, not need power supply, a fan is activated if necessary.


My setup is as follows:
Orange OR50 head amp, 50W.
SG Supreme Guitar glued to a speaker with a ENGL Celestion G12M Heritage.

Except that the deflection of the diaphragm automatically moves less HP at low volume and therefore can not be rendered exactly the same as background, I can tell you that this product meets the grain and color of sound your amplifier:
it is completely transparent and it is rare enough to be stressed.
That's what counts for us guitarists who have spent so much time to choose our amplifier.
I think that there is no secret, for simplicity in this kind of tool is effective!


I use it for 3 weeks. No need to wait longer for an opinion. It is not good or bad.
I had the opportunity to read a lot of issues, opinions and forums on the attenuators.
Most users are pleased, but few people are fully satisfied.

I also had the opportunity to try an SPL Cabulator I did not keep. For him, it is mainly the simulation that HP has not convinced me particularly distal (from clean to mild crunch it could go). I think it does not replace a speaker and his HP is so easy. I will continue to transplant when necessary.
Moreover, it is only 8 ohms. That said, it's a beautiful product that makes 3 in 1 loadbox, power soak and simulator.
By trying too traficotter technically I think you move away from efficiency. But hey, it works anyway and some will find them. For cons, the "purists" probably do not find their account, but maybe I'm wrong ...

Returning to the dB Killer is in my humble opinion one of the best if not the best of my knowledge attenuator.
This is artisanal French, then I say bravo!
You can call the boss for any advice or information, you meet in person. What more?
In all sincerity, I really recommend it.
A nice tool ...

It makes you want to look the same brand of amps that look famous and well built. From my point of view, our brand is not enough known that you must consider before purchasing focused in the high end.