Maxon AF-9 Auto Filter
Maxon AF-9 Auto Filter
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All user reviews for the Maxon AF-9 Auto Filter

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antoinecascador's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great on guitar, at least on low"

Maxon AF-9 Auto Filter
Auto-Wha, reacts to the dynamics of the game
Analog, the circuit looks quite complex.
Connectivity standard.


We must look a little, and set in order: Hi or Low (guitar or bass), Range HP / Band / BP (BP for low only) Up or Down (direction of the opening of the filter), and finally Sense . (Critical setting) and Peak.

Black spot in my opinion: it lacks a knob of attack .... ?!

Here we have a Ferrari, but with only two speeds. I do not understand the absence of such a setting ...

The attack would choose (watch the eyes) Tiou Tiiiou Tiiiiiiiiiiiiou or ... Wholesale set the duration of a "cycle" effect (even if it responds primarily to the dynamics). I find this setting to select the essential "character" of the effect: very nervous, quiet, hyper progressive (arpeggios or webs for example). For comparison a bit far-fetched, does one imagine one without delay settings "Feedback" or "Time"?


Superb sound quality with a very distinctive grain. Very well on a skyscraper full of possibilities, less flexible low (only the combination "BP / Low" keeps the low frequencies to use other combinations will require investment in a looper type LS2, just to keep a sufficient proportion of his "clean")


In conclusion, the effect of quality, with large gaps of flexibility, especially for a game with bass.

If you like the result as it is, great, if not, go your way.
I stayed for my part in the EBS Bass IQ, whatever the instrument used. The only effect pedal I can not sell ... ;-)

marbasse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Maxon AF-9 Auto Filter
Wha wha automatic.
total analog.
ditable hand with his fingers, rglages are back in his head.
Jack mono
is something that crushes with his foot.


Simple and complte trs.
idem, simple and complte trs. sensitivity peak, HP and LP filter BP, UP or wha donw, and then select the range of frequency drives on which the filter to (LOW or HIGH).
Manuel super clear.


I use it on bass, and kills off ...., put Moogerfooger CHRE much, in my opinion the best auto wah on the market. My advice is to stick him in the ass a volume pedals to grate the output volume of some rglages that may stick in the Red River Tagus pramp your gain, if you like your me a freak SETTING THE gain of the hair prs.


Grain terrible, broad filtering capabilities, potato hell, funky mga death. As I say, it must grate the output level on some rglages. I would do without this choice hsiter. The PDAL is far more savage than the EBS BassIQ,