Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1
Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1

Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1 , Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Stone Deaf FX.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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Anonymous 's review"It's THE ultimate tool !!"

Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1
The PDF-1 is :

- a full parametric filter
- a soft clipping drive with parametric EQ
- a preamp
- a GREAT tool !

2 knobs : Height and Freq.
One 5-way position selector : to choose your Q between Thin and Fat.
One flipswitch : Clean or Dirty channel.
One footswitch : Bypass/ON.
One 1/4inch jack input.
Two outputs : you can have one channel each or both channels on one output.


Very easy to use and understand.
No worries !

It's all analog, so you turn a knob and magic is here !

Use it on guitar, bass, drums, mix, keys, and even your dog if you want.
Your dog will sound THAT great with it. =)

If you want to make choices for your sounds, but good choices, try this box.


The sound is pristine.
Dynamics are respected and magnified.
Everything you plug into it will sound better than ever.
You can add 2dB or something for light improvements or you can simply boost as hell and give some mojo to your riffs.

I use it with bass, I use 2 of them.
One for clean and full lows, the other for dirty or clean mids.
It's shiny into my funk-stoner project !

Experiment with a lot of stuff, sure you'll find a great way to use.


The PDF-1 is one the greatest tools I've ever had !
Last time I was in love for a piece of gear was for an API 7600, so to me the PDF-1 is one of these tools you bring on a desert island, definitely !
(I'd bring two of them !)

I don't what to say except thanx to Luke for building this, it's a real improvement for my recordings and I'm done for searching my bass sound : I GOT IT !!

Ronmo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Queens of the stone age!"

Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1
anlogique pedal, that mixture parametric equalizer and distortion / boost


Configuration is very simple, clean mode and a mode dirt (drive)
A knob to select the frequency of 65 Hz to 3 kHz, another to choose between boost and cut up to 20 db and a 5 position selector to choose the bandwidth


The sound is really excellent whatsoever mode or clean dirt, it can be used to correct defects or radically change the sound, very effective with all styles of guitars or amps.
It is equally effective boost to showcase a solo or a riff that is engaged all the time to transform or improve the basic sound


It's really a great pedal that can multiply the palette of sounds available with his gear, it can be used to cut frequencies to sound in a mix, add frequencies to transform the basic sound or experimenting with new textures by adjusting the frequencies and mode dirt.

Toumasse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Of the MPF-1 PDF-1? Mission accomplished!"

Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1
I will not repeat what has been said about the effect but I remember his original name for Google lovers and long evenings reading about the effects: Maestro Parametric Filter. Lovers of "" analog, Luke remained faithful to the original model but was optimized.

Very simply, this is not a fact but one of three effects, namely a Booster (20 dB), distortion (very well calibrated), and ... an equalizer (Polyvalence!). If my ears do not deceive me, just listen to "Better Living Through Chemistry" and Queens of the Stone Age to get acquainted with the unit (or the whole Rated R Album, or Rush (Mr Lifeson)) .

The PDF is for me very "Plug and Play" and it's very enjoyable. Two questions arise when it is turned:

- Around How often will I play (Freq: 65Hz-3kHz)?
_ On what bandwidth do I apply (Bandwidth: "Thin" to "Fat" (5positions))?

Its simplicity hides the details very well thought out. The two-color LED that lets you know on what "channel" (meaning path) you are. Green Clean, Red: Dirty, auxiliary output, easily accessible with the battery drawer (Alim Boss type 9V) Footswitch inclined ... it sounds silly but it's convenient and it is not impossible that the life of the switch to be increased.


Hi, I'm easy *. Each order is clear. Bandwidth knob: left "Thin" right "Fat." Etc, etc. ...

* If you do not're doing, sell, buy a triangle. :-)


Here we go ...

... When I lit the first time, I thought, "Yeah, blah." But that's because I'm a moron. Why? Because I have an amp 18watts quality (it's not for me fart but it's easier to be objective about the quality of the product) and I played cushy low volume. I got tired, I opened the pedal, saying "it is not possible firecracker welding is poorly done." Nothing at all and by the way the work inside is remarkably clean. So I pushed my amp a little ... HELLO MADAM, I welcome you on my pedalboard!

It is simple for me to stay in what I say. Given the number of options, the sonic possibilities are many and therefore one of the many sounds will probably please you. Personally, it is the originality that made me turn to this pedal. It complements my Suhr and Fulltone effects mainly.

To test urgently with your stuff!


It is certain that Luke is working and what he does, he does it very well. The sound "vintage" without seeds pedals of yesteryear. Pay the fragility of a minimum 300EUR Maestro is a choice ... An odd choice. The PDF-1 is 149eur (Belgium). Mass is said, at least for me (I told you I was an atheist? Sure, that nobody cares).

My two maximum scores refer to my choices. I think this is perfect for me. Beyond that, it is clearly a great pedal, no one should deny it.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent on all!"

Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1
As mentioned in the previous opinion, it is a clone of Maestro Parametric Filter.
So it is a fact that can walk on a frequency range of 65Hz to 3kHz, applying-20dB to +20 dB, while choosing a Q more or less pronounced.
In addition, you can add a drive (type soft-clipping) which is really nice to add character to your scratch (or other)

I put 8 / 10 for my use because I have to add some options, but the pedal is fully exploited like that! It's very well built and it exudes quality "boutique".


2 knobs:
- Frequency: choice of the center frequency adjustment.
- Height: -20 / +20 dB

1 switch 2 positions for choosing Clean / Dirty (normal and drive).
A 5-position switch for choosing the Q (thick or thin).

1 footswitch for on / bypass.

We can not be simpler and more explicit, we're going straight to the point.


There is bluffing!
To be tested on scratching, bass, voice, taken battery, keyboard, etc. etc. it's just HUGE!
Have the opportunity to give some color to your instrument without losing its character and timbre, it is simply the best.
Once you make a choice with this, clearly, but it can allow you to really bring out the most important frequencies and suddenly place you better in the mix, either live or in studio.

A very serious tool that simplifies and good life.

For bassists who want to blow up the subs, Luke will release a version that will go down to 30Hz, it promises to décoiffer!

For my part, I ordered the second, when it was a between the legs, we want to open!


It's been a lil time as the guitarist with whom I played and I just use it only to discover that it was the tool I needed for low and duplicate!
Of course, all the bass players do not approach a hack and research in the effects, but for my apple it goes like that, I do not have this amp and I have even less need. It's simple, the last time I took a slap sound that was a slice level API ...
Frankly, try this, it's worth it!

MouXxX's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Original and versatile effect!"

Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1
This pedal is a copy of the Gibson Maestro modernized MDF-1, now at prices not found or wacky (well not yet at the level of the Klon Centaur, but it gets there slowly ...)
It is an effect pedal analog rather special. It is an active band equalizer which can add distortion. There are two knobs, one for selecting the frequency on which we play, the other to manage the gain is applied at this frequency. Then there is a 5 position switch that plays on the width of the strip on which we apply the effect. Finally, a light switch can not apply or distortion. Little trick practice, the operation is led bicolor. It turns red if the distortion is on, green otherwise.
Level connections, it has input, output, power supply type boss and an auxiliary output. Finally, the pedal system tray for the battery pretty handy, no need the screwdriver to change it.

[9] I wish that the footswitch is distortion, but good pedal works fine as is. Some may criticize that the distortion is not adjustable, it personal does not bother me and I find it well calibrated.


Simple configuration, everything is marked above. A small manual is provided with, with explanations in English, very detailed. Editing sounds is easy with three knobs and their action is very effective.
In addition, the pedal has a very standard diet (Boss type) and the battery tray is also very practical.

[10] Nothing is above reproach.


The effect is very effective. Its big advantage is that compensate for defects that may have some guitars. A lack of medium or low surplus may be offset and make the sound more balanced. As a group it can cut through the mix effortlessly and does not crush its partners. To equalize the side, it's very classic in short, with the advantage of controlling the width of the frequency on which we act, and that little EQ to my knowledge suggests.

Side distortion, overdrive but rather a fairly mild and fairly dry. On a clear sound can be rather "stiff", so you have to play on the EQ settings of the pedal. On a popping sound she brings a little more definition notes. All my stuff is pretty bold typed (like Les Paul and Amp UK typed), it refines its sound effectively.

Note that it complements an overdrive and a little fat-rich medium. With my BB Preamp she wonders.

Finally, those who wish to return to the sounds of Queens Of The Stone Age will not be disappointed, you're right in.. Besides Josh Homme now used to replace its MDF-1, too fragile and damaged by years of touring.

[10] It does its job and does it well. Those seeking his type will not be disappointed. I think you either love or hate Me love! A test to be less on what we want.


I use it since December 2010.

I have not had the opportunity to test a Maestro MDF-1 before, and I'd love to compare them side by side. Otherwise I had and I've always quite a boost and OD, and out from the crowd by its originality and its mode of operation.

What I like most is the wide variety of sounds that happens to obtain. What I like least ... not much! Maybe a little big but in a good pedalboard.

Value for money ... it's expensive, but the quality is there, the components are good, the pcb is high quality, all solid. It is not given, but when you see the price of MDF-1, that's perspective!

I would do without hesitation that choice is what I wanted and she did not disappoint me!

[10] The English Stone Deaf FX seduced me. Strongly that they leave other models =)