Gitane DG-255
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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 8 reviews )
 6 reviews75 %
 2 reviews25 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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jack2487's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Valuing"

Gitane DG-255
Thin neck very pleasant to walk, 21 frets, small and broad guitar but very comfortable.


My first impressions at the time: I was somewhat shocked by the string high action (be sure to apply lots of strength on the strings to keep make the chords ring, it hurts a little) but good in the end the better at least no fret buzz. Actually, it still bothers me  a little now (if we could adjust the bridge height it would be good) but hey I quibble.


The small Chinese children have worked very well it sounds gypsy sound is pretty and has a very good sustain (limit integrated reverb). Power level is sending the guitar and you can easily impress your granny preferred pump.
But to have a good sound gypsy I think it's also a question of technical guitar is not everything.

To get an idea, here are some videos I made (taking his microphone Integrated webcam and no sound processing)


I have 4 years now, bought about 600 from thomann summer of 2007 I think the price has not changed too much since (or even slightly increased). I never had any problems and I am always happy.
However I have tried any other gypsy guitar I can not really compare but I think it's a good value for money and that is the minimum price for a gypsy guitar worthy of the name.

mimitch38's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gitane DG-255
Guitar made in china for Gypsy


The neck is thin and super nice, the guitar is lightweight and comfortable, easy access to acute, with Argentine strings were sound &%&%& % &% Perfect style gypsy


Very good guitar, rosewood back has much to do for it provides excellent bass and treble are also present there as a natural reverb that fires in the guitar when we play sharp, it's great. The price / quality ratio is excellent


Excellent guitar manouche

fabfrouej's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" super guitar to try."

Gitane DG-255
Made in china.

very beautiful.

See 4.


Super sleeve end.
I think the hoop is a bit limited. I think we have a refrettage after not very long.

the sound is great. I have tried many models, including model than the 1000 € before choosing, it is this that I preferred. My portfolio is also true.

but at this price (700 € in 2007) was a true gypsy sound. no noise crate as other brands.


Yes, to play the gypsy, gypsy my guitar with me.

its true gypsy.


Sound value for money unbeatable.

I just have a board for this guitar is really to try the guitar in a store and buy one you tried.

I know many people who have chosen this model, y 'is not one that sounds the same, and some have had bad surprises. manufacturing quality is very variable.

I still put 8 / 10, because if you shoot a good number, you have an extra guitar gypsy for a reasonable price

Guitare77's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Trs good guitar manouche"

Gitane DG-255
In what country does she makes? China
What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)? floating
What kind of stick? Mahogany with rosewood


The handle is it pleasant? yes, very pleasing to my taste
Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)? yes
CASC to acute (latest freight) is it easy? yes, but you have to work to get there, even when ;-)
Do you get a good sound easy? Well yes carrment
Are they suitable


your style of music? yes I am currently the Jazz Manouche

What are the sounds you prfrez that hates you?
Perfect for gypsy jazz, she is very versatile.


For how long have you been using it? Less than 1 year

Have you tried many other models before acqurir? I tried the DG 300, DG-500, DG-340, Dupont Nomade.
Although I play for over 20 years, I wanted a gypsy guitar at an affordable price to start in this style.
I am very happy with my choice. But I had a problem stick after 2 months.
I made a change from standard with this model's no problem.
It is a guitar that really want to play.

Tatou2B's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gitane DG-255
DG 255 has a really nice finish: beautiful rosette, fret 0, bne bridge, bone nut, double fileterie, Selmer style tailpiece. Table pica solid rosewood for the back and wicker covers, and mahogany for the neck. Touche bne. On mine the bne is not a mad quality (changes in lighter colors) in the wood but the rest of bne.


The handle provides a comfortable trs. It is of good width and low thickness. The action of the strings is perfect for me.
This makes it an easy guitar to play and really enjoyable.


At the sound quality is really the l. Before I had tried a DCID Aria MM 20 and two Rudy Larna about 400 euros. This really has nothing do with Gitane. The Aria and Rudy Larna taient caricatures of gypsy guitars. Ultimately, I continue to play on my prfrerais folk, as dpenser between 300 and 400 euros. For the cons that I tried the DG 255, what diffrence! It is powerful, with mdiums bright and sharp. Rsonance and sustain are excellent also. In this regard, some on the forum, find the rsonance is too large, and is not specific to the style. Frankly, it's not my opinion. For me it's just a quality piece when I play a gypsy slow, eg, "Los Del Sur" by Romane is a pleasure to let the notes ring and hear that depth. She has a form of natural reverb!
So this guitar will give you sound really gypsy. Personally, I also played with other styles, such as Mark Knopfler's finger with his right hand, SPECIFICATIONS, and it goes well trs!


It's been a month since I have it. What makes me most is the flat sound. It's been two years since I took my time to choose a gypsy guitar. I tried a lot even when, as Gallato (MODL Angelo Debarre and others) and I find that the ratio of the gypsy qualitprix is ​​excellent. Sincrement the Gallato n'taient not forcment above its point of view. The sound silent even sometimes a little too dirty and grsillant. However, this is subjective and dpend expectations of each musician.
I also tried the John Jorgenson DG 300 which ignores pretty average and did not justify the price diffrence. J'tais tomb that can be a bad MODEL. (The seller told me he had not noticeable diffrence in the DG 300, DG 255 while taient fairly constant) .
In short, I do not regret one second my choice. So if your price range is around 700 euros, Do not hesitate, when trying to have APRS same! Tries as a guitar.

lavoi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gitane DG-255
Saga Gitane DG255, small mouth, Chinese-made a priori
Selmer aesthetic respected violin of quality, well-made floating bridge
Bought new with case 890 euros in a music store in Paris a little more expensive than in VPC (Thomann. ..) but I could try against many of the same model and there were clear differences between them (tone, choice of wood) so be wary ...


Handle very nice, thin profile and width at nut comfortable. The action is set correctly (average), the guitar does not frieze.
Mechanical but not very pretty fulfilling their office.
Access to acute and very correct fretting is flawless
It is a pleasure to walk his fingers on it!
Easy guitar to play and light enough


Well balanced bass and treble, the guitar is powerful and well planned.
As against sound (grain) lacks a bit of personality to a gypsy guitar compared to my Jazz3 Di Mauro (Special chorus). It is essential climbing ropes Argentine style and even that does not quite ... (But it is certainly due to the guitarist!)


Guitar used regularly for two months.
In fact it is a guitar much more versatile than the aesthetics suggests, you can play the picking for example, it goes very well.
Very good value for money, do not hesitate to try different because the quality is probably not constant

Tantor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gitane DG-255
Made in China.

Frette zero, twelve frets away from the table, 21 in all (22 with the zero-fret).
Floating bridge, tailpiece selmer copy (accepts a string loop or ball).

Handle ultra-thin, with truss-rod rglagle (prvoir a long allen key, the rglage is a bit difficult to achieve by the small mouth).

Action ultra-low (a little too much, APRS qq weeks, I d give almost half a turn of the key and I even tried to put one or two mm of shims under the bridge)

Trs good finish. No problem varnish.
The mcaniques lgres do a little, but copies of the original Selmer style, and take good agreement anyway.

The wooden back and is obviously Clisse of Indian rosewood is Zoli. Touche bne. In fact the guitar was out of the mouth. Finally I found.


Comfort handle excellent. It glides like a pet wax on canvas ((c) Bloodsugar)
Well, not top Access in acute, but it's such a classic Gratton.

Lgre super skyscrapers, body thin enough.

For sound, it is necessary to climb ropes Argentine type. I advise that plutt 11-46 10-45 has a bit more volume, and it lgrement less "soft" firing level.

I do not put that 8 because I have a little doubt on the hard ... In particular, my problem I rgl crimping with a turn of trussrod is it to work the handle or (worse) a lightweight collapse the table of youth wood, which can be had not yet finished working?? J'espre not ...


Its amazing ... of quality!
With new Argentine strings, the sound is the typical gypsy mlodique pump or phrase, a smell hrisson (excuse the pun)
I compared with a scratch of luthier Castellucia mid-range, it was carrment distance.

Good volume, good bass Submitted, acute slammin. May be a bit hollow in the mids ... ds but fits the strings a bit older: low prsence lose.


I've had six months, I play almost every day, and I'm not. Rudy Larna my APRS, there is no photo.

Report qualitprix excellent. At least you can sound "like a real" no dpenser 2000 Roros ...

eddyfonk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gitane DG-255
Made in Spain
21 frets
Copy of Django model (Jazz Maccaferri)


The sound gypsy


It's the sound gypsy !!!!


It's a gypsy guitar great price quality ratio ...... .. I think I'm in love