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  • Monitor Audio GX 200

    Monitor Audio GX 200 - "One of the best values in hi end today"


    The Monitor Audio Gold GX 200 is for sure one of the best values in the price range up to 7000 $ or even more. It's one of the most elegant designs of today's loudspeakers and beautifully veneered. Bass performance is simply one of the best I've ever…

Translated user reviews
  • Monitor Audio Silver RS6

    Monitor Audio Silver RS6 - " Very well balanced. Superb finish"


    I bought a pair of RS6 used in the UK. The sound is very balanced on classical, jazz, rock. They are not bi-wired but the sound is excellent. Fabien. …

  • Monitor Audio GX 200

    Monitor Audio GX 200 - " fabulous"


    Pregnant brand new and already immense pleasure of listening to one NaimUniti coupled. Pregnant surprised by the level and quality of serious given the size. Acute and medium rich, captivating sound and very realistic. Sound very clear and yet not ag…

  • Monitor Audio GX 200

    Monitor Audio GX 200 - " Much ado for nothing"


    I had heard good and beautiful things on the achievements of Monitor Audio. And I was really looking forward to test them. But today's test was rather disappointing. Rocksan coupled to a set, you can read all the details about the test under the h…

  • Monitor Audio RX1

    Monitor Audio RX1 - " Good small speakers" has images


    More than a year that I have these small Monitor Audio Silver RX1. They are very compact, well finished (real wood veneer, magnetic caches: no studs that break). Good transparency, deep bass and accurate (as long as the amp is up to standard: an Atol…

  • Monitor Audio bronze B2

    Monitor Audio bronze B2 - " Disappointing."


    I bought this monitor one month ago. I wanted to replace my quad 11L. Views rave reviews from the press it should. What a disappointment! A serious authoritarian? It is where the subwoofer reproduces by small Quad (though less on paper). It is wher…

  • Monitor Audio Bronze BR5

    Monitor Audio Bronze BR5 - " Better than most"


    I did not buy but I was not far. I am already the possessor of Bronze B4 has been replaced by BR5. It is even more punch, a perfect balance and stereo or home theater. If we do not have a subwoofer, this speaker will make you an extraordinary effect.…

  • Monitor Audio Radius R90

    Monitor Audio Radius R90 - " English sound"


    Purchase in July 2010, they are already for some time in the catalog and excellent criticism, but I wanted to make my own opinion. As already possessor equipment brand B2 and B4, which was already a very good level, I'm going to listen with a very cr…

  • Monitor Audio bronze B2

    Monitor Audio bronze B2 - big noise's review


    How long have you use it? Since 2006, I bought after purchasing my B4 to the complter Systm home cinma - What is the particular feature you like best and least? With the B4 is the perfect, it's almost too good to use home cinma with a Pioneer V…

  • Monitor Audio bronze B2

    Monitor Audio bronze B2 - Anonyme's review


    I use them since June 2006 The pros: low full authority, treble beautiful natural mediums, precision, quality construction, excellent integration, versatility, good dynamics. The -: expressive nature but rather sober. faithful to the amplifier.…