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Hi-Hats news

  • [Musikmesse] Paiste Twenty Custom Collection

    [Musikmesse] Paiste Twenty Custom Collection

    04/06/11 in Paiste Twenty Custom Metal Hi-Hat 15"

    Paiste has launched a new addition to its Twenty range, called the Twenty Custom Collection. The cymbals hand-manufactured in CuSn20 bronze with a glossy brilliant finish.

  • [NAMM] Meinl Classics Custom Series

    [NAMM] Meinl Classics Custom Series

    01/18/11 in Meinl Classics Custom Medium Hihat 14"

    Meinl has also introduced a new series called Classics Custom.

  • Sabian HHX Fusion Hats

    Sabian HHX Fusion Hats

    06/16/10 in Sabian HHX Fusion Hats 14''

    Fusion Hats are now available in the company’s Modern Dark series, HHX.

  • Sabian SBr Series Cymbals

    Sabian SBr Series Cymbals

    10/25/09 in Sabian sbr Hats 14"

    Sabian has introduced SBr, a new series of brass cymbals designed to offer improved quality and value for the entry level drummer.

  • Sabian Xs20 Cymbals In Brilliant Finish

    Sabian Xs20 Cymbals In Brilliant Finish

    09/16/09 in Sabian Xs20 Rock Hats 14"

    Originally available only in Natural Finish, Xs20 are also now available in Brilliant Finish.

  • TRX Cymbals DRK/BRT

    TRX Cymbals DRK/BRT

    02/24/09 in TRX Cymbals DRK/BRT

    New DRK/BRT Hi-Hats from TRX Cymbals feature DRK bottom and BRT top hi-hat cymbals to produce "bright, penetrating closed hi-hat sounds."

  • New Meinl Mb8 Cymbals

    New Meinl Mb8 Cymbals

    01/24/09 in Meinl Mb8 Mini Hat 10"

    Meinl has introduced two new pre-packaged cymbal sets.

  • Sabian Vault 13-inch Fierce Hats

    Sabian Vault 13-inch Fierce Hats

    04/19/08 in Sabian Vault Fierce Hats 13"

    SABIAN has expanded its Vault collection with the introduction of 13-inch Vault Fierce Hats.