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All user reviews for the Aslin Dane "The Jazz"

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Average Score:5.0(5/5 based on 1 review)
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Guilll's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Aslin Dane "The Jazz"
This is a guitar style semi-hollow Gibson ES-335, maybe a little rounder and with a different head. So two humbuckers with covers (the class), Tune-o-matic, 2 volumes and 2 tones 1 3-position selector.

* Made in Korea.

* Handle large enough and thin enough (I know, it helps a little ...) with a touch flat. The key is apparently there in a plastic brand specific, and it is very nice, it glides well, it is not dirty quickly, it seems very strong ... That said the touch and look, it's still less pleasant than the good old wood! That said we do not feel at all to play on plastic (besides It is all not).

On the other hand, I read on some websites of buyers saying they had serious problems of action too high on this guitar, which requires an amendment to a luthier to be properly playable. I personally have not had this problem, the action is super low on mine (I can even go back a bit). If you want to buy one, watch out on that.

As against the annoying little trick is that some elements appear to have been done just in a hurry ... The knobs are not great, the pickguard is a simple plastic sheet not super nice, we can see the wiring microphones attached to tape in the box by the gills, and especially the base of the head, just above the nut is really ugly, it's almost like it was carved with a knife. It does not matter at all to the sound or the pleasure of playing, but it's still a bit annoying on a new skyscraper ... But aside from these details (you still have to look closely to realize it), I find it beautiful!


* The neck is flawless, very suitable for general use made of this kind of guitar. It is quite wide and not very "fast", a general impression of "rigidity", even if I do not see clearly what gives me that impression. So no shredding, but the game Blues, Jazz and Rock is perfect. Of course all this is very subjective ...

* Access to treble is very good, which is a bit of a surprise that kind of scratch! The cutaway is a little more digging on the side where we put the hand, giving it a small side a bit unbalanced so friendly, in the style of the old SG.

* The ergonomics are good, it is quite heavy (normal) and very large (idem). Must love being big enough but I think it's great to have a guitar that is not "toy": o)
A problem a little annoying: it tends to pitch down when the handle is released, it takes some getting used to gaff or invest in a very wide leather strap that "hangs" a bit, and then the problem goes away pronto.

* The sound for me, the big things about this guitar (they're not alone ...). The pickups have had a double output level a little low, which gives her a pretty vintage-style, well balanced with low rumbling soon to be bothered a little, midrange and treble present clear. The sustain is good, and the body gives a grain size and a very unique sound: it is a semi-hollow!

On the other hand, the microphones have remarkable clarity: the notes are always defined, breads are hard to hide! It's so much that they are difficult to saturate: to set the same, always produces a cleaner sound with another guitar. This can sometimes be a little annoying ...


I have already said, is the main strength of this guitar.

* I play Blues, Blues-Rock, Hard Rock ... styles for which it is entirely appropriate. It would probably be effective in the Country and Pop BEYOND, but it's still vintage: Punk Metal, of course, possible but not recommended.

* I played on a Vox AD30VT amp, a hybrid lighting / modeling, then, and it's perfect for me, they go very well. on the other hand before I sometimes connected to an amp simulator X, Vamp, and there was much less: the sound very clear microphones seemed to highlight the artificiality of the simulations, especially on the Satus ... So it's a guitar that can not very well agree with the all-digital.

* There may be a bit all sounds with this guitar, provided that they remain in this for what it is made (Jazz-Blues-Rock): the neck pickup gives a smooth and well enough fat saturation but always super well-defined (you can hear all the notes of chords), the micro acute can be very bright when you attack the strings well, and the intermediate position is convenient for the funky sounds, even when it has less personality than the other 2 (but I tend to find that this is the case on all guitars). Of course, the sound is still quite large: it is not a solid-body!


* I use it for three years. Or is it four?

* What I like least: small manufacturing defects which, although not indcidence the sound and playing comfort are still a bit "cheap".

* What I like most: the sound! The look ... This is a guitar that has a strong personality and is a pleasure to tame. In addition, with its clear sound and predictable, which forgives nothing, and not necessarily handle very easy (without a log) I find it a guitar that is play better. When I pass on my Telecaster, it's a shock!

* I play the guitar for about 8 years (if I remember correctly ...). I had the opportunity to entrendre of Epiphone Sheraton 2, and I much prefer mine: no need to change the pickups! on the other hand, with its handle large and sound enough guy, I do not advise a beginner.

* The price / quality ratio was very good for me because I had it at 300 € (half price apparently) on the Internet, but even it is still largely double the blow ... If you can ignore the visual imperfections, it seems a good choice in this type of guitars.

* With experience, I do it again this election easily. Finally provided to find one because they do not run the streets ...