Epiphone B. B. King Lucille
Epiphone B. B. King Lucille

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 7 reviews )
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mooseherman's review

Epiphone B. B. King Lucille
This guitar was made in Korea, though Epiphone is originally an American company. This guitar is equipped with Varitone humbuckers, which are interesting because of their ability to switch from single-coil sounds to humbucker sounds. The guitar has 4 knobs, two each for volume and tone. There is a 3-way pickup selector switch. The guitar has a maple body and neck, and the fretboard is made of rosewood and has 22 frets. It has a TP-6 tremolo piece. This guitar is notable for being a "replica" of blues legend BB King's guitar "Lucille".


This guitar plays pretty well. I do enjoy the sounds I get out of it sometimes. It's made for blues playing, and I must say that playing that genre is definitely easier on this guitar than intense Jazz or country. For some reason moving around on complex chords has been difficult for me on this guitar. I haven't had a problem with ergonomics, the thing isn't too heavy or light. It's easy to reach the frets and hit those top notes because of the cutaway on the lower part of the neck.


I feel like I was expecting too much out of this guitar. When you claim to be based off of BB King's famous guitar, you should come correct at the end of the day. While I did think that the pickups on this guitar were cool because you could switch from single-coil to humbucker instantly, I was hoping that the pickups themselves would sound better. Neither tone sounds great (though the humbuckers are better). I was also thinking for some reason that even though the guitar is based on a Blues legend, it wouldn't be inconceivable to play Jazz or Country on it. But I don't think that the tone is particularly great for anything other than blues, and even then, it's not amazing in any way. Mostly bland, not enough raw feeling coming out of the guitar.


I think that this guitar is mainly made to capitalize on BB King's name. It's not that much of a quality guitar. It's also not that expensive, even new, so I guess that's why it isn't too impressive. I guess if you're a blues fan who just started playing, it might make a good purchase. I wouldn't recommend this to an advanced or intermediate player though.

PEERLESSMAN's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" fo .. or .. formidable ..."

Epiphone B. B. King Lucille
UNSUNG Made in Korea ..
it is a 335 ES without gills.
see technical config in previous opinions.
Wholesale 2 humbuckers, a varitone 6 position selector 3 positions, 2 volumes, 2 tones
Two outputs (stereo)


quick and pleasant handle,
good ergonomics, a bit heavy but well balanced.
Very easy access to acute.
The sounds are fo midables hor ...


The varitone can rub a result panel styles: Rockabilly, jazz, latin, blues, metal to see (by changing the pickups probably) Country ... but it's not my cup of tea.
Currently, I play on a minibrain polytone for jazz and variety.
I also use my Hot Rod for light and crunchy sounds.
I tried the guitar on two old Roland amps (60 cubic chorus and JC 80)


I did that for a few days.
I have several very different from each other guitars, including LP STUDIO, TV and thinline strat squier classic vibes, several guitars for blues jazz.Bon we even talk about it, it is obviously his favorite thing.
Some say that electronics is low end. Maybe I'll change the pickups to give it a little more value, but we'll see.
Plug in stereo on two amps or enjoy two entries polytone sticking a distortion pedal on an entry and distortion on the mic of choice is controlled with the switch ... yum ... yum .... a treat.
It is ultra poyvalente and reminds me of my two Japanese pro aria TS 600 I've never been able to sell so it was amazing I have given to my daughter.
I should have bought a "lucille" earlier.
Here sorry for being so long maia it's worth.

wolfdav's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" my lucille"

Epiphone B. B. King Lucille
Korean manufacturing.
it has a hollow body with maple without gills and internal beam center, a Bridge: Tune-O-Matic Tailpiece: stopbar TP-6 ​​fine tuning for fine tuning of each string, a stick maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets, mechanics Grovers oil bath, a 6-position Varitone and two Alnico Classic pickups like humbuckers, Gold hardware, pickup selector 3 positions, 2 volumes and 2 tones


handle very nice high quality access to your treble is very easy


a unique sound with his variaton which gives it its unique it can go from a crystal has a much warmer sound without any worries.
this is a guitar made for blues / rhythm and blues / jazz.
I use no effect on a fender super sonic 112.


I use it for a month and I am delighted.
since the time I said I have one done there and I regret nothing.

Yoyothebest's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" exeptionnelle, not least"

Epiphone B. B. King Lucille
Korean manufacturing
Report excellent price / quality

Grover tuners and tailpiece bridge with stop bar Tune'o'Matic fine tune!
Not very easy to use for changing strings, but instead, gives it to keep the agreement, so that the more

The surprising Varitone is a tool, you can go from a blues guitar, a telecaster pretend (for those who love)
But be careful, she Lots of sustain, exeptionnelle for blues, to rock I'm more qualified to do with time.
Potentiomettre the volume is less usable than standard models

For wiring and other components, I find nothing wrong, even on the original strings, they are quite good.
I wanted to change the pickups cons of Gibson Classic 57 +, well, when I connected, OUHAAAAA with my spider jam line 6 that makes him

The neck is super nice

It's a Gibson, like all Epiphones!

quality is to go

Beware though, it must quickly get scratched

Sounds harsh environment but with Lots of sustain (this may offend)

My preferences settings:

positions 2 and 3

Global Opinion
I use it for a week.

I hesitated with a sheraton II (which is extremely good guitar, if you change the pickups)
In some detail, it is a copy of the Lucille

When I play it, I feel that BB King is there (obviously not as good)


Very easy to use, this is not a highway as my ARIA
but it does not have the same utility
I still have the lower strings


Blues, rock (to do with time)


A buy if you want a guitar blues and '60s rock
Otherwise, choose a sheraton 2, or another model.

folkblues's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Superb!!"

Epiphone B. B. King Lucille
Korean manufacturing (definitely guitars made in Korea offer an excellent quality / price) satisfactory at all levels.
Grover tailpiece and bridge with stop bar Tune'o'Matic fine tune!
The Varitone is for experts, otherwise disappointment is an appointment - you must have tried a Varitone before buying this system is radically different from the usual mail and its use not obvious at the time.
The six positions of Varitone: the 6th is a stand-by and the other 5 a kind of frequency filters - I do not know if the word is correct.
The result varied palette of sounds and rich - I like every position.
In the past I tried a Gibson. Both Varitone are slightly different but not to the quality, rather a point of view of electronic control. The only "minus" could be issued for the wiring - by inference, given the original price of the guitar, it should not be of high quality.


Channel pleasant, even though it is slightly thinner and longer than a gibson (I play on Les Paul, 135, SG). Ergonomics blameless.
This is a Gibson Epiphone like all!
Ergonomic small differences are not a factor of doubt about the quality of Epiphone. Jump to a guitar, regardless of the model, requires time to adapt to the ergonomics and sound.


The pickups in this guitar (I do not know what the pickups, I feel that it is identical to Humbuckers pickups Gibson 335 - at least it's stunning!).
Since I bought this guitar I bought a second amp to play it in stereo: I connects two fender blues junior .... is the foot!!

My preferences settings:

position 6 - Varitone on standby, 5 pos, pos 4 - but the other three do not displease me.


I use it for a month. I bought it used in perfect condition to an individual.
I saw the ad (I was looking for a dot or a cherry sheraton II) and while I did not know the existence of this guitar I immediately called to buy it.
A few details, it is the copy of Lucille (I just invented !!!)... jokes aside, it's a quality / price ratio breathtaking and a remarkable similarity to all levels with the original.

I am delighted to have bought this guitar. I feel like a gibson hands (I play Gibson for 20 years ...).

rhum66's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A reasonable alternative to his GIBSON"

Epiphone B. B. King Lucille
Made in CHINA, which is recent enough to PPE, no problems, the Chinese are working really well ... Is it worse than the Korean model? I had a flying 58 Korea, very well finished too, so I will not comment, I XPENDITURES that the guitar is very specific to the purchase after, hard to say how this will stringed vielle.
The neck is very good in the sense that it is not the baseball bat Gibson 50 ', the next one is rather slim type so late.
the pickups are classic 57 PPE (shame ...)


The handle is very nice, it has a fairly pronounced radius, medium jumbo frets and pearl graduation, plastic) that make the joke ....
The truss road works, I set myself the handle was too concave, and lowered my action too high without any problem.
The access is very acute in the way, especially when playing on TV and Start for ages, in key of A pentatonic around the 17 th box is not obvious, I would say that I must make myself use, the cutting is not as pronounced as on strats, one is surprised to come up against, in short hand must pass over more than a Start or a TV. So to know.


I bought a epiphone lucille because I wanted (cheap), get closer to the big sound Gibson said "fat blues" or the guitar that attacks an all-tube Fender amp in the records of the Women and blues crunch tone but also clear in his being a great fan of his light.
Achieved? not really, electronics PPE. is definitely a problem; knobs to discard (all 4), microphones not too bad but not really good either ... Heureusment the Deluxe Reverb is an amp that can straighten a fabulous little sound and make the joke in the crunch but not always in the clear, we are far from soft or hard-hitting BB KING freddy king and that's where it feels the limt microphones PPE.

Do not forget also that the guitar did not have gills, so it is more a guitar "chambered" with acoustic chambers, a real Thinline 335; sound is chubby + / creamy / compressed, as in all the chambered.

If you are in your period "obsessed chicago blues, between Freddy King, Joe Louis Walker, and all those guy who played the blues on it, you will approach a subject that's relatively modest ivestissment.
Note: the violin type 335 lends itself to slide through a tube screamer.


So I buy this guitar to have in my armada, an ersatz Gibson sound, the violin is really good, great sound reasonable, good action of the handle, Grover first choice, the violin is campaigning for a set of microphones Gibson Classic 57 that sooner or later I will install it myself because all the welds can be accessed much more convenient than the Sheraton or 335 Gibs, there is a plaque at the back and everything is there.

Finally, I am happy with my purchase, I knew I would have a proper violin, electronics M. .. rebuild (this is the challenge ...), and a guitar that I can take it anywhere without a pinball as GIBS.
I wait just a little before 57 and paste it to change the knobs & capacity.
And if I'm really bitten by the 335, I would pay a one day 335 cherry red with a slim stick type and I sell my old EPI tampered with.

Nessiw's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone B. B. King Lucille
The Epiphone Lucille is made of Kore, and this finish is very good. In any case it was next to her older sister brand Gibson and frankly there is not much difference. Obviously the main difference lies in the electronics and pickups. However, it is not necessary to rush the purchase of Gibson 490T and 490R microphone as those of the Epiphone are excellent: it's a hell.

The neck is maple, it is stuck and the keys are rosewood with mother of pearl and consists of 22 boxes. It is very comfortable, because before I played on Ibanez RG and then I'm surprised the handle of the Lucille is very accessible.

There are two type humbucker pickups that produce a sound quite remarkable.

The bridge is kind of Tun-o-matic stop tailpiece with a bar which is quite handy for the game but instead we must know well the rules.

Lucille has 2 knobs for volume and 2 tone knobs and a Varitone 6 positions which is quite interesting because it provides a small variety of sound. That said position 1 and 2 are currently the two positions I prefer.


At the risk of repeating myself, the handle is very comfortable and access to acute concerns depending on whether one takes to be Steve Vai, or BB King.

When I saw Lucille, I thought it would be heavy, but in the end it barely heavier than my old Ibanez RG. This is a 1 / 2 box so it is quite bulky but not more than that and I would even say that its volume gives a fairly good stability.

The right sound, it is obtained almost immediately as long as one knows his amps up correctly. Just put all the knobs at the bottom Varitone in 1st position and the sound is there, its a good round and warm, fat limit to how Les Paul.


With Lucille, I can play all the styles that suit me: Rock style AC / DC, Blues, Funk, Pop Rock, Blues Rock. But of course if you want to play Metal or néométal, I think it will be other guitars better suited, although the tastes and colors ...

For my part, I use a Marshall MG 100 DFX amp and the sound is there anything, no need to look any further. If not for my personal pleasure, I also use an overdrive pedal Ibanez TS 808 and here I am ecstatic. The warm sound of Lucille makes it particularly suitable for chorus and delay type sounds, normal requires 60.70 years.
That said a good distortion, a gain of 75% and I can play in the manner of Angus Young as easily found his precise and powerful AC / DC. But make no mistake, when you play the blues, then you do not let go any time soon as long as you metter it a good crunch.


The first time I experienced it and saw Lucille Beck read the manga and already I was hooked. So after trying a Strato, a Tele and a Les Paul, I thought that all these guitars are good but I have an original guitar that others do not and who can give me a sound suited to my style .

After 30 min test with Lucille's love story began. I acquired on 18/11/06 and I do not let go. For me, Lucille is a unique guitar that is quite accessible (about € 800) and has everything to satisfy me: it is beautiful and it sounds good.

Of course, Lucille on the net, everyone talks about but nobody ever really tried. So would not do to expand your guitar try this culture and I can assure you that you change your mind about Epiphone.