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Reverend Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Reverend Club King 290

    Reverend Club King 290 - "Excellent !"


    I use the Reverend Club King 290 with Orange AD30 and Ampeg V4BH amps, mainly playing a mix of punk & hardcore. This guitar is just great, my (Mexican) Fender Telecaster and Gibson SG have a hard time competing with it. I love the way it looks, in…

  • Reverend Manta Ray HB

    Reverend Manta Ray HB - "A simple hollowbody from Reverend"


    Reverend is a cool new guitar maker from the United States. They are making semi-boutique guitars for very reasonable prices. They are variants on the classic designs with high end construction and finish. This is their semi hollow model. The guitar …

  • Reverend PA-1

    Reverend PA-1 - "Great Reverend Hollowbody"


    Reverend guitars is a small maker out of the United States. Their guitars are are well made and well priced and have a mix of traditional and modern features that everyone loves. This is the Pete Anderson signature guitar. This is their only Hollowbo…

  • Reverend Manta Ray 290

    Reverend Manta Ray 290 - "Fancy top fancy sound"


    Reverend is a pretty small guitar maker but they are hitting the scene big with their high quality guitars sold at great prices. The names of the models tells you all you need to know about the guitar. This is the Manta Ray their semi-hollow ES-335 t…

  • Reverend Manta Ray 290

    Reverend Manta Ray 290 - "Reverend Semi hollow with P90s"


    Reverend is a small guitar maker out of America making high quality guitars for very decent prices. They have a wide range of guitars falling into two catagories set neck and bolt on. This is one of their set neck models. This is their Manta Ray mode…

Translated user reviews
  • Reverend Charger 290

    Reverend Charger 290 - zildjian_striker76's review


    - In which country was it made? Korea -COPR korina Solidbody Acoustic with rooms - How many frets, 22 medium jumbo - What kind of stick? Channel profile target medium-oval truss rod, maple key reported with maple or rosewood radi…