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All user reviews for the Washburn HB35

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 8 reviews )
 5 reviews63 %
 3 reviews38 %
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tjon901's review"Washburns 335"

Washburn HB35
The HB35 is a take on the classic Gibson style semi-hollow guitar. In the late 50s Jazz players were getting more into amplification, but they found out that if you put a pickup on your hollowbody guitar you get a lot of feedback if you try to play with any volume or gain. Gibson helped them out by making the semi hollow guitar. There is a block of wood running down the middle of the inside of the guitar and this helps eliminate the feedback you would get with a fully hollow guitar. The Washburn HB35 has a maple body and a maple neck. The neck has 22 frets on a rosewood fretboard. The radius on the fretboard feels to be around 12 inches, the neck has a bit of a v shape going on and is nicely wide. It has two Washburn humbuckers with dual tone and volume controls. It has a 3 way pickup selector on the upper horn.


This guitar comes set up for Jazz. This came from the factory with 11s and a wound G. I do not see many guitars coming stock setup with a wound G string. This may make it hard for some people to play. With the heavy strings you wont be getting all the rock bends you are use to. This guitar is setup for jazzy chord progressions. The Buzz Feiten tuning system Washburn uses means the guitar intonates better than most guitars. This is good when you plan on playing complex jazz chords. If the intonation is off a little bit your chords will sound off. If you are use to jazz guitars the heavy strings will be no problem for you. The strap peg is right behind the heel joint as it is on most guitars like this. This might get in your way if you are playing up above the 20th fret.


The pickups are ultra jazzy. They are pretty dark and may be too dark for some people. When looking at jazz guitars it is important you find one that comes with pickups you like from the factory. Because of their construction it is very difficult to change the pickups and electronics out on these guitars. The neck pickup has a very dark sound and can get muddy in the low end. The bridge pick up is not as dark as the neck. You can get some good twang in the bridge position. This guitar gives a nice woody sound in all the positions due to its design.


These guitars are pretty good value for semi-hollow guitars. These guitars are only around 500 dollars. It has the classic look of a Gibson 335 without the price. If you are looking for a nice and dark jazz guitar the pickups are perfect for you. If you are not looking for a sound this dark you may have to do some EQ'ing or look at another guitar. Or maybe you can find a good luthier. If you want a nice guitar that is setup for straight jazz this is a good option.

MGR/Bluessmoke's review"Washburn HB 35"

Washburn HB35
Purchased new at Ardis Misuc of Mt. Clemens, MI. Paid $735.00 for guitar w/hardshell case. Wanted the sound of a semi-hollow body guitar.

I've read the reviews on this particular instrument series and could'nt believe the accuracy of the decsriptions of those I'd reviewed...all true! Foe the price of this guitar as opposed to purchasing a similar 335 style guitar made by leading manufacturers, this by far is one outstanding buy. The minute you pick one up it feels as if it was made for your hand. The neck has a distinct worn in feeling and the instrument plays like butter. It comes standard with .11 strings and a wound 3rd string. I replaced the strings with a set of LaBella flat wound strings and got the jazz sound I was looking for. The case for this thing is like a bomb shelter! Statndard tuners are 18:1 Govers and all gold hardware.

The neck pick-up is a little weak but again, for the quality of workmanship in this guitar, it's but a small feature to overcome.

I've put this to the test with others whom have purchased and played Gibson's 335 and admit if they were to do it again, they would have purchased the Washburn HB 35. For a guitar under $1,000.00, this thing is put together well.

If you're looking for a hollow-body and don't want to spend a huge sum of cash because of a name, this is the guitar for you. I've switched to use this as my main gigging guitar.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Dennis Beck (aka beatlit)01/30/2002

MGR/Dennis Beck (aka beatlit)'s review"Washburn HB-35"

Washburn HB35
As a lifelong Gibson player who made the switch to a Telecaster a little more than 10 years ago, I had felt for some time the call of the flat, rosewood fretboard. This hit hard when my son picked up an Epiphone Emporer II and I began searching in earnest for an archtop. I had never owned a semi-hollow body and decided that the Epiphone Dot would be sufficient for an alternate, because I never intended to replace the Tele as my main gigging axe. I had the Dot for one day and sent it back. After owning two ES-175's, an SG Standard and an L-5, I couldn't live with the fit, finish and electronics of the Dot.

My eye turned towards an Epiphone Sheraton, but the new guitars were out of my price range and the used ones that I found were beat. It was during that search that I discovered the Washburn semi-hollowbodies, the HB-30 and the HB-35. The HB-30 had better craftsmanship than other guitars in it's price range, and came equipped with the Buzz Feiten tuning system as a standard feature. The translucent red finish on the flame sycamore top makes it a real eye-catcher, too.

I thought my mind was completely made up when I found a brand-new HB-35 for sale by Brian Goff at Bizarre Guitars in Madison, WI. He had a drop-dead gorgeous blond HB-35 that was right at my target price (around $500). I snapped it up and was floored by the deep flame, the flawless binding (everywhere), the bright work, and a really well-designed bridge and tailpiece...not just a Tune-O-Matic clone, but a really well thought out and machined rig (I can't verify this, but I believe it may be manufactured by Schaller. There is a small, swirly "S" on each of the saddles).

Then I plugged it in and....oops! The Korean pickups were not happening for me. The bridge pickup was fine, but the neck pickup was beyond dark. It was awful. You could get a nice range of tone by balancing the two of them, but forget about using the neck pickup on it's own. I immediately replaced them with a set of Schaller Golden 50's (the pickups Trey Anastasio uses in his custom built archtops and that are standard on Heritage archtops), and everything was right with the world. While the guitar was on the bench for the pickup swap, I was really able to appreciate the craftsmanship. The tone block is a solid mahogany 2x6, which gives the guitar remarkable sustain considering it's all-killer, no-filler hollow ES-335 tone.

Beautiful craftsmanship and tone woods (maple, mahogany, sycamore).
Flawless binding and mother of pearl inlays
Excellent machining and plating on the hardware.
Grover heads. Schaller pickup upgrade (pickup replacement is highly recommended).
Tone, tone, tone. Even the HB series are imported, Washburn has remained true to it's Chicago Blues roots and guitar-making history.
After a great deal of research and comparison shopping, I believe this guitar to be the best 335-style entry in the under $1,000 price range (although the list is slightly higher), and I only paid half that amount.

Korean electronics. Sell the pickups on eBay, get some real pickups and pots. The instrument is well-worth the investment. The fit of the case bothered me, too. I ended up using the Canadian SKB plywood/tolex case that I bought for the Dot and tossing the stock Washburn case in the corner pile of misc. guitars and stuff. It's okay, but the Epi case is just better, and I already had it..

It's really good. No kidding. Photos are posted at http://geocities.com/beatlit/dennis.html

If you can't get a Gibson, Guild or a Heritage, this guitar should be your next choice. It's much closer to the class of those instruments than comparably-priced Epiphone, Hamer, or Ibanez archtops.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

plus2guitare's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A 335 'like very Blues / Jazz!"

Washburn HB35
Made in the mid 80s in Japan.

Bridge-type Tunomatic (gibson es335 kind)
Channel 22 boxes, typed Gibson / Fender mix between flat and round
The gold hardware is standard Gibson kind.
The lifts are oil bath that hold the tuning well.


Nice handle with rosewood fingerboard.
This handle 22 frets is wide enough (but not too much!) And slightly thicker (but not too much!) It want well in hand to let the "feeling". It was above a specific and sensitive playing.

The guitar is quite heavy, it is really not cardboard! I invested in a good wide leather strap well equipped with "strap lock" effective for comfort.
A beautiful maple for the body and the neck, highlighted by a sunburst "tabacco" dark, very classy for my taste.

Who often played in the past on a real Gibson es335 dot vintage 1963, proportions and playability are quite similar.


In basic configuration, it is a pretty standard electronic which is fortunately well doped with a good violin.

The atmosphere is very Jazz blues or clean / crunch following settings.

The original pickups are, of course, not too bad but they are still to be changed by PAF 59 Tornado MS

see review: https://fr.audiofanzine.com/micro-guitare/tornade-ms-pickups/humbucker-paf-59s/avis/

The electronics also completely changed by the CTS, cable sheathing fabric 50 'and condos PIO OUR ...

This has nothing to do, the guitar is transcended!
Can not easily describe the difference, so it's huge, it's not the same sphere of expressiveness.
The sound now seems from fingers and intent.


I use it for more than 20 years, it has almost 30

It's amazing how the so-called "mid-range" 80 offering a basic good violin (luthier Japanese Matsumoku also known for Ibanez G. Benson series), first guitars, last time at level violin, and also earn terribly receive a high-end electronics ...

I had already made up last year on a small Tele Squier Classic Vibe 50 microphones set MS Tornado 55

So I knew the Washburn HB35 will become a killer.

The ratio Q / P is magical ... It is in the courtyard of the "Gibson" Vintage (I know, this is subjective) but just 10 times cheaper (This objective is there!)
Of course I do it again this choice, I do not have the means to an American
And what noticeable difference? The logo? Flattery of the "ego?

Pete-Layburn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Surprising!"

Washburn HB35
Attention HB35 is my vintage (80's) and probably MIJ.
I recently (a few hours), so I'm a little excited, but I will say this: it is a pure killing, a perspective violin.
I say this because after at least 25 years of existence, it should move.
It is also a pleasure, as bcp other current productions but often disappoint once in hand and / or connected.
To take into account also the price almost ridiculous that I had.
The rest of the features is + or - on the net.


The neck is terrible (in a good sense), thick enough but not too in tune 24.75.
The intonation is just perfect, the bends are easy, simply bewildering speed ... and the guitar is very much alive!
on the other hand, it is because its weight with a central beam, but it's pretty good for me who often plays in full.


Let me be clear: I am thoroughly Telephile (wonder what this Telecaster!).
My Washburn of the rising sun is almost the opposite of my guitar fetish, design, sound and philosophy ... but this is what is interesting.
The pickups are very powerful and delivers the sound muffled enough, maybe too ... where are the mids / highs of my Tele?
In my Tele precisely.
Therefore less bitter but more powerful in comparison (normal, they are double qd mm) and say "softer".
In full, it's pretty good without spin eardrums and clear is the neck pickup jazz and blues / rock on the easel.
I approfondirai this point + Edit any later.


I'm excited, it's true.
But this guitar seems to deserve it, at least for his violin.
And I've played both, and accumulated over the years, only express an objective opinion quickly (roughly, let's modest) seems realistic.
FYI, there are a few brands in my arsenal ... + A praiseworthy Washburn now!

dar-dar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Washburn HB35
Korean guitar. Bridge tune-o-matic, microphones Washburn 2 volumes, 2 tones.


Handle very pleasant, even surprisingly pleasant.
A little heavy but well balanced. A super easy access to the treble.
Middle pickups, even if they are correct but that is the weak point in my opinion.


From jazz to rock, she said.
I installed it with Seymour Duncan SH1 and there is total transformation ..
Honestly, it amazes me this guitar. His bold, mild, jazz or rock punchy, it provides serious.
I play on a Tech21 amp trademark60 where I changed the original HP and the sound is rock as I like (this amp really deserves leans).
It takes good agreement.

To do that jazz, it just miss velvety serious. Although I am no expert on the matter


Purchased six months ago, I tried some type models 335 between 400 and 800 euros (Ibanez, Vintage, Washburn other model).
With a flamed maple table is already very beautiful. A little upscale with mechanical, easel and golden microphones.
A finish not perfect but okay. Some minor imperfections visually.

For a new price of 399 euros in parts of France (instead of 650) is 335 to buy a copy if you have a small budget.
Of SH1 is stuck there for about 160 euros and it was a guitar that sounds really. On leaving the store, I just had to tweak the action, the Truss and accuracy. But it was not bad set.

Recently, in rehearsal, she quite impressed his side world.

At current caught in some places to buy with confidence!

wurly74's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Washburn HB35
No details on the country of manufacture, it is numbered next to the words "handmade in the tradition of Washburn since 1876.
22 frets, the salesman told me about micro gibson but I have not removed to check and externally it resembles that seen in the catalog wasburn.
a switch with three selections of microphones and 4 pots of volume / tone which is built differently depending on the choice of microphone.
Thin neck with some simple pearl boxes, microphones and mechanical gold.
aesthetically beautiful guitar.


Very good ergonomics


For me its very little jazz but to be the shape with a string tie strings very hard and low but not spun smooth. great choice of following the pots and pickups.


I use it since 2001 but little because of the strings very hard not to bend so little or no solo for me is a very cool guitar (how jazz) playing in his clear and not too fast. I found him a very warm sound and plays with the strings muted very nice for rhythm.
Briefly not as versatile a Telecaster or Start, but its specificity is good sound that makes it interesting, now may be that the strings are for many. bought in 2001 to about 1500 francs a very good deal at this price I do not hesitate even if it is not my favorite guitar.

dannab's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Washburn HB35
Already, this guitar is beautiful. The pictures on the net make it not always justice.
This little claret with ribs of wood you see, the pickups and gold finishes, the ivory white edging on the edges, it is beautiful, is that the kif.
Setting typical of what kind of guitar: 2 separate microphones, each volume and tone. Very nice to get the boost in sweat from the mic acute intermediate position which sounds very jazzy. I was accustomed to intermediate positions in the stratum, nothing to see.
The tones of true tones, that is to say between 0 and 100 there is some way to go and find different colors, and each microphone is really strong.
The tuners are a joy and precision of effect oil!


The handle is great. I was accustomed to a handle "smaller" Strat mexico, and there despite the size difference is very comfortable, I felt immediately at home. The mother of pearl inlays are very successful and more successful I think we can all see on an Epiphone Sheraton and greenish glare ...
Compared to a stratum one has the impression that the twelfth fret is half the race! Maintenatn I still sometimes I cheat with 2 boxes when I'm sick of the one or GO!
Access to acute is without problems, and once standing can easily be found a very conformable to play. Finally it's my opinion.
Damage to the input jack on the front edge and not as a Sheraton, it can interfere with sitting. The selector is the Les Paul which can lead to unwanted changes of position if the gesture was too loose ...
The sound is direct. One branch, micro serious, and it was hot! A little more drive and you can feel the grain and tingling inside of the guitar!


For sounds warm and clean, it is perfect. SIn a fender with a little reverb, balance / bass lmedium / treble is there, the bass is pr & ECIS, although the tone can color the sound. The microphone could be more acute slamming, but once again I was playing on a strato thus far transistion is cash.
Huge sound with distortion, and the balance is there too, it was accuracy, not blur it, it's clean. Once again, it might be a little more shrill in the treble but it must be the characteristic of this kind of guitar too ... I plan to buy micro Gibson subsequently gaining in accuracy and character.


I have this guitar for about 6 months. Initially I was focused on the Sheraton, but after 3 months wait-Epiphone Gibson wants to deliver all the good stores in Paris, I deepened my research. I had tried natural color but excuse me from the little she is ugly as natural, as in Ibanez and Sheraton, it's not happening. Finally after questiopn is a taste. But red is gorgeous and really finishes successful.
What I love most: the warm sound of the micro gravity, the correct answer crunch and distortion, balance acute low medium generally found the phrasing sounds more jazz posioition intermediate response of the micro acute when we vary attack. A good drive and pick ca pete, a éfleurement and is still clean. And finally, the possibilities to vary the color of her as she wished juouant the 4 knobs and microphones.
What I like least? Go the weight! But after what must have when we want what we want, what!
I bought it 3 months after mature reflection, and other posts on AF trials street Douai, etc.. The value for money is amazing, especially since I bought it to 650 euros in the provinces because the guy obviously thought he had in stock for too long!
I'll buy without hesitation. A beautiful guitar like this, with this sound, these finishes, balance and everything, for this price there is no comparison. It's a pity she is not better known because really for someone looking for a half cui fund type ES335 with a budget of 700 euros, I think there really is no better on the market. A word ...