Behringer Podcastudio USB
Behringer Podcastudio USB

Podcastudio USB, Home Studio Package from Behringer.

vsavagellc 11/14/2011

Behringer Podcastudio USB : vsavagellc's user review

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Behringer Podcastudio USB -

First, let me get this off my chest and out of the way. There are a fair about of bad review on the product, most people complaining at the audio quality is not professional. Well, that is not the intent of the product it was never meant to replace your semi producer or budget recording set up that consists of the following

*Condenser Mic $200-500
*Mic preamp $100-300
*Pop Filter $10-60
*Recording Booth $200-1,000
*Studio headphones or Monitors $70-300
*Mixer $200-400

Now seriously do you think you are going to get the same quality or flexibility from a package that only cost $99?

I feel this is a very good purchase for those that are looking to get their feet wet with podcasting and voice over work. To be honest one can get good quality if they understand what they are doing...

I purchased this little setup for my daughter (or that's what i keep telling myself) she wanted to make recordings for her blog. I thought it was a good idea and started using it myself for video tutorials when traveling to visit family or if I'm somewhere where I can only bring a laptop.

Here are some tips you can use to get quality recordings from the this budget rig

1. Buy a pop filter or make a pop filter they are inexpensive
2. Make sure you are recording in silent room
3. Always route the audio you are overdubbing to play through your headphones this way the sound is less likely to be picked up by the mic
4. learn eq and gating plugins (there are a bunch of free ones out there. These will be used to clean your vocals

I've never needed to clean my vocals using this setup but if you do i would suggest downloading a free program called Audacity as well as it's lame mp3 encoder. Once again there are a lot of vocal cleaning plugins you can download legally for free and use within Audacity

5.Practice recording and use the mic, understanding how the mic picks up your voice will help you understand how loud you will need to be and from what distances.

6.Basic mixing, search the internet for basic level or mixing tutorials this will help you mix in your vocals making them sound more professional

7. Remember you don't have to record everything all at once. You can do them in segments

This podcasting package comes with the following

Mic Stand
usb interface

it really can't be beat for it's price. I will be honest the only other podcasting package I've tried were the ones I've put together myself but again that all consist of professional recording gear so it's not a fair comparison.

If I had an extra $100.00 and a friend told me their kid was interested in getting into recording or they themselves were looking into it. I'd purchase this package for them

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