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Hughes & Kettner Classics user reviews

  • Hughes & Kettner Cream Machine

    Hughes & Kettner Cream Machine - " Hot vintage"


    it is a pre amp has 2 lamps. multiple connections with an input jack on the front and 7 entries on the left rear. 3 knobs in front of a grain and a master volume and rear volume lamp. German made UTILIZATION For connection is simple everythin…

  • Hughes & Kettner CF200

    Hughes & Kettner CF200 - " Power, Reliability, Stereo" has images


    The FC 200 is a power amplifier transistor, which delivers a power of 200 W Bridge mode (Mono) or 2 x 100 W Stereo. This is an amp type "neutral", with 2 volumes (left / right). There is also an LED for each entry, indicating the signal level (gree…

  • Hughes & Kettner Triplex

    Hughes & Kettner Triplex - SlapKid's review


    Analog, 2 channels, onboard digital effects, plugs for effects / channel, headphones and external effects loop. Two modes of saturation, manual only. 50 good-watt celestion g12f60, it grows quite hairy because of the size. No background noise, and…

  • Hughes & Kettner CF100

    Hughes & Kettner CF100 - malo's review


    Transistor Power amp, for guitar (guitar Slave). -???- power 100W/8ohm Front: Volume, Character Rear: 2 line inputs, 2 speaker outputs Format 1 / 2 Rack This amp is very transparent. I've used it for the stereo on a guitar, I drive a Cel…

  • Hughes & Kettner Metal Shredder

    Hughes & Kettner Metal Shredder - lemurien's review


    (Also sold in Europe as a master metal) Slightly used in perfect working condition. She did not stick its original rubber feet on replaced by the clear plastic ones. It is in excellent condition cosmetically, some minor scuffs and scratches that don …

  • Hughes & Kettner Montana

    Hughes & Kettner Montana - osyves's review


    60W transistor amp (I think) a channel acoustic instrument with acute low volume contour mdium (frequencies and levels) effects loop on the channel, a channel microphone singing with rglage volume rverb, loop effect on both canauxavec rglage level, m…

  • Hughes & Kettner Cream Machine

    Hughes & Kettner Cream Machine - UncleMeat's review


    In fact, it is a prampli lamps (two 12AX7), fully Dvou saturation. Connectivity, while Jack is trs complete: -Input, double front Mix Cabinetulator-out Out-Mix -Instr. Out Tube Amp-Out -Speaker (1w, more than enough pure play alone) U…

  • Hughes & Kettner Triplex

    Hughes & Kettner Triplex - chicomoreno's review


    Tansistor Combo Hp-12''celestion 2 channels clean + overdrive overdrive switch boost 3-band EQ muti intgrreverbe effect, chorus, delay) per channel rglage speed delay, chorus depth, volume reverb ... headphone pedalier Optional UTILIZAT…