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All user reviews for the Fender Performer 650

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 8 reviews )
 4 reviews50 %
 1 user review13 %
 2 reviews25 %
 1 user review13 %
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guilhem001's review"Not bad, but it has some defects"

Fender Performer 650
Tube/solid state hybrid
2 channels (1 clean / 1 drive)
65 watts
12" speaker
Footswitch to toggle channels and for the reverb


Easy setup
Clean channel: 1 volume bass treble
Drive channel: 1 gain, 1 volume, bass mid treble


Clean channel is classic Fender: Very good clean sound, which doesn't crunch even at high volumes

Drive channel: It distorts quite a bit right away, so you can't get a nice crunch
The EQ has a big effect on the sound.
Not bad, but not good either...Far from a tube amp (despite the presence of a tube)


Bought it secondhand to use it in my apartment can forget about it: The sound level increases very fast, as is usually the case with Fender.
Another defect: You have either a very clean or a very distorted the sound palette is quite limited, IMHO.
It's a pity, because it certainly has some advantages: The clean sound, the reasonable weight, the apparent sturdiness.
It is probably very good coupled with a pedalboard, but it's somewhat delicate to use on its own.

marcoamf's review"Perfect when played loud"

Fender Performer 650
Solid state amp with tube distortion channel.
Actually, different from what is stated here (and that the model name wrongfully suggests), the amp is 80W RMS.
12 inch Fender speaker kicks loudly and can easily be used as PA to play in a medium-sized bar (I've done that).
I wish it had a connection for earplugs and one for a second guitar. Only connections are for instrument and for the footswitch (and the effects loop connections in the back).


The clean channel sounds great, which adds good versatility showing the real sound of different guitars and pedals. If you don't want to change your sound on purpose, it'1s a very good choice (even though Fender does not produce it anymore).
My user manual was stolen when I had to send the amp to fix the reverb that was not working. Now I'm asking Fender for a PDF copy but still no response (if anyone could send me I'd appreciate).
The distortion channel is not ideal in my opinion, but maybe it's just the valves that are old (again, I need the manual to replace them). But it's not bad, either.
It's relatively easy to carry for the power it gets.
Only con is that it sounds best when played at volume 2 and above, which is already really loud for an apartment, for instance. So for practice at home it's a bit too much.
After 15 years of use it's still in perfect shape and sound (i'm not a pro musician, so not much carrying around).


I've used Fender Guitars and a Custom-made Luthier HB Strat. For effects I've used Digitech RP350 and also analog overdrive, wah and EQ.
I like the pure clean sound of the amp, with either strat or humbuckers. With volume above 4 it really provides a nice smooth sound when played quiet and a strong kick twang / attack when provocked. Strong bass and nice mids. Treble a little too loud for my taste, but that can be adjusted in the knobs.
Hasn't got the dynamics of a valve amp (such as it's cousin the Deluxe) but clean channel is the cleanest you will get.


I mostly like the sound of clean channel. I don't use much reverb but it sounds nice, too.
Its tone when played loud is great, not so great when trying to find a volume below number 1, seems to clip down or reduce the amount of effects.
At the time, long ago, I tried other amps and I chose this because of the mellower sounds than other solid state amps like Peavey or Crate.
This amp definitely influenced my sound, and I can get the twang I want for blues and rock.
If I had to buy another one, I'd probably spend more (much more) and get me a tube amp like a Mesa or something. BUT considering the money costrain, this amp would be a good choice if I could play it loud (in an isolated house or studio).
To play in an apartment, I would definitely choose an amp no higher than 50W.

Libertopanik's review"Small but beefy"

Fender Performer 650
I won't mention the features again, which have been detailed by some colleagues before.


Personally, I love its simplicity and effectiveness
Most renown amps (Vox, Marshall, Fender, etc.) always offer a simplicity that makes them effective.


The sound is all right, I have nothing to say in that respect.
A good EQ, a bit of reverb and you get the fender sound.

I've had it for more than 10 years and have played it with different guitar types (Gibson SG, Gibson LP studio, Fender Standard, Telecaster) and it always sounds good. Once you have tamed it and mastered the controls, it doesn't matter what style you play, it sounds good.


For me, it's a good compromise for rehearsals, small stages and even big ones, if you mic it with an Sm57 or similar.

+ Perfect clean sound
+ Light to transport
+ Easy to dial in when you know the sound you want
+ Powerful, rated at 65 watts but it delivers more, that's for sure
+ The hybrid tag suits the tube preamp very well (because for me it's better than a solid-state but lacks some of the warmth a tube provides current amps, at a higher price, though.)
+ Effects loop and line out.

- The distortion is not clean enough (if you crank it up it turns into noise), so, as someone already wrote before me, it's not the best for metal.
- It's too powerful (like many amps, the volume is graded from 0 to 10, at 2 it already makes the walls tremble, at 6-7 the house falls down, afterwards there's nothing left, even if you can go to 8 or 10). The solution is a volume pedal to fix the problem.

iamqman's review"It's ok"

Fender Performer 650
This is one of those amps that just gets pasted up because it is really no different sounding than many of Fender's famous amps that people actually do know.This amp is really nothing to write home about as the tone is clean and sparkly as you would think a Fender amp should sound like. The down side to this amp is that it a cheaper version of a deluxe amp with no tubes. Well it does have one 12ax7 but i think it is used as a phase inverter if I'm not mistake so that you will get a sense of tube interaction.


This amp has two channels essentially. One being he clean channel and the other of course is the distortion channel. Neither one of these channels has anything spectacular in any way. You get a sense that Fender just put this amp out to get some buyers on the solid state market that wanted to say they had an American made Fender amp.

That is the good thing about this amp is that it is made in good old USA. This is before they started shipping oversees and down to Mexico for their amp support needs.


The tone fro the clean isn't bad at all. I actually prefer the clean channel of a good solid state amp compared to a tube clean. In my opinion tube were best used to being pushed. When they are not pushed they come off as dull and uninspiring. You can always beef up a lousy clean from your amp with a little compressor pedals of some sort, but to me the cleans never need that in a solid state amp.

The distortion channel is a whole different ball game. The tone from this channel is so bad that you really can't even play it. Fender has really no idea how to produce a good distortion tone. They messed it up with the Hot Rod series and are just now getting that under control with the new installment of the Hot Rod series amps. Fender has nailed it on the EVH 5153, but again this is in recent years....and how long has Fender been around.

Anyway, this distortion channel is terrible and not usable at all. If you need a good clean then that is all that you are going to get with this amp.


Fender has now discontinued these amps and you can still find them on the used market from time to time. If you want a solid state Fender then I would go with the Frontman or the new G-Dec amps from this last NAMM show. They are more modern and will give you a better tone overall. If for some reason you really want this amp I think you can find them for under $200 in the classifieds or evilBay

starcri's review"A good tool"

Fender Performer 650
65W solid-state amp made in USA with a preamp tube for the lead channel.
One spring reverb.
Clean channel: Volume, bass, mediums, high. The same for the lead channel, plus gain control.
Footswitch with 2 buttons for the reverb and to toggle channels.
Only one input. A line out (jack) and an effects loop input/output with 3-way level control.
One 12" Fender speaker.


It has everything you need, but nothing more. There's no need for a manual, it has only the basic controls and they are enough. Right away you have a nice, classic Fender clean sound, the reverb is all right. The preamp tube provides a nice distortion, which will certainly not be enough for metalheads, but it's quite bluesy.


This amp is fine to play almost any music genre (except maybe metal).
Don't go too crazy on the highs, though, or they turn twangy. Don't expect more than what an amp of this category can do, but it's a good, unpretentious, solid, and reliable tool. My fabulous LesPaul Standard would surely deserve better, but it knows how to make the amp sound right.


I bought this amp in a fit of anger after I broke my back moving my Lab Series. I was certainly disappointed by the difference in sound quality. The Performer 650 can't compete with a Lab Series...But I got it, even if its 37 lbs (approximately) are still considerable. I've used it for 15 years, on stage, at home, for rehearsals, and it has always proven very practical. The cab is open, you can line up speakers, stands, grilles, etc. and it remains powerful under all circumstances, it sounds fine and you don't have to break your head over settings. I ended up buying a more "pro" amp but kept it as a second amp, because it's good in its genre. I don't remember what I paid for it (nor when, maybe '97) and can't say much about its value for money. That said, I recommend it secondhand to anyone looking for a good and unpretentious amp.

ThorGniolh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Performer 650
dj describes below, specifications on paper are not bad, rather good, o Note 7 is equivalent to "good"


As all the amps I want to say ... frankly I do not see why note the use of an amp saw that my knowledge there is no compliqus frankly! It's not as if I was testing a software computer ...

I put it 4 or rounded average of my other rounded Notes


First I test this amp condition repeats / beef and all alone in my room with my rock band like 60/70's, I had forgotten the power cable from my Laney head lamps tt50h ... I d fall back on the fender "made in usa"

I test this amp with my main guitar, Les Paul Custom (with dual Seymour Duncan 3: 1 and 2 Sh4 Sh1)

On the clean channel, the sound is arguably crystalline ... I think that's what the dfini best. Without much pull on the volume of Pramp, we get a clear sound quite compress must do his gaffe quickly dfoncer ears tend to treble. When we balance a boost in the clean channel, bah ca reacts like a transistor amp saturates cold and unpleasant way with a distortion of unbearable acute, short is in the average of transistor amplifiers, but it's pretty bad anyway ... Do not look saturate the amp, but just the clean is rather correct if one is not looking too and in an apartment, ca should be honorable with a multi-effects with the amp sim but still acute problem here may pose high volume.

The ct saturation ... well I do not understand ... it's really shit! the series Marshmall MG did much better (even if it's kilometers of my expectations). The sound is gringal the mdiums and acute pulling their eardrum, low drool, sound is flat ... I will say even my first amp, 10w Ibanez was much better in this register!
I find it unusable channel from solo when one wants to pierce the eardrums and not mix ...

one might think that the 12AX7 lamp will bring warmth and supplmentaire erase these defects, but I frankly doubt that it works on that channel, or else it is completely transparent, we feel that the attack in Pramp a power amplifier transistor and a quality of output transformer fairly mediocre, I dare not even imagine the quality of the HP ...

When those who say it sounds strong for a 65w that ca buries a particular amp, I rpondrais them that the outgoing sonor amp volume (sound pressure) is li that the performance of HP 'the power of the same amp ... a 100w amp with bowls with a 97dB sound performance as strong as a 50w with bowls of 100db (ie mathematical). And I am sure that a real lamp 5w with 103dB eminence can put knees.

With the clear way channel (5/10) and saturated channel very bad (1/10), I would say that this amp is simply mediocre in sound (3/10)


To sum it is an amp made in USA and hybrid which bears the name, the lamp is unnecessary, indeed it is not enough of a prampli lamp for sound tt lamp and it is getting almost soulant add all the lamps on the pretext of "warm up" the sound, there are transistor amps that sound much better, and yet I do not speak the same lamp 5w tt taken at random is less ous, that bring the knees without any problem ...

So it's a fender fender that has the mark, like almost totality of their catalog, a pure marketing product

The amp deserves a 3/10 note

arghdedamned's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Performer 650
Other opinions are well documented so I do not dwell on this point.


Using ultra simple.
A clear channel and a channel footswitch saturated with good practice.
Just a little flat on the volume control for each channel that is too sensitive for my taste, in fact, it is graduated from 1 to 10, but spent a good 2.5 / 10 it already sends a lot of big sound in cages Honey, so setting a bit tricky in use at home when mom (my wife) takes a nap!


I find it really ensures this amp! A sound that perfectly suits my style (noise rock).
The clean sound is warm, saturated high-powered sound and reverb that gives body to esemble.
75 watts you say? Hard to believe so the effect of power given by this amp is present.


It's been about 6 years that I use, it has been my third amp (the first 2 were sold quickly because not to my taste), and I'm really super happy. I do not make a scene and uses it at home and in rehearsal with friends. Repeats did not really do fear.
The value for money is very good (bought on occasion at the time).
The hardware seems reliable, however, I had a problem with the reverb which had to be changed (after a sixty euros). No problem elsewhere.
Choice I would definitely do it again!

Blackjack(FR79)'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Performer 650
Caractritisque the same as above ....


So the config is super simple, you plug the bte, turn the knob and go.
It's Fender and we do not chignolle folks, its a adcoiffer a titan!
In his "clear" it's hot, it's round and ca claque if necessary.
Regarding the manual, bah I did not read, no need, however I do not even know where it is! lol. All I put 10.


It is ideally suited to my style of music, by the way it adapts to any style that is so versatile.
For this good "sound" I put 10, I loose.


Well in fact I've had 13 years now ..... but I am a breack of ten years without touching it and it perfectly aged.
What I like about this amp that's simplicity of use, and good "sound".
I had to buy it al "era between 3500 and 4000 francs, and it did really cheap for this type of amp.
Currently I am playing again, with among other a drummer who Coune by what he has to type like a deaf lol.
I do it again if the same purchase it again, eyes closed.
All're crazy, even a 10.