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  • Ibanez Concord 684

    Ibanez Concord 684 - " what hip guys!!"


    I admit that I am amazed by the sound quality of Japanese guitars. I must also say that I have never had good folk guitars USA in hands. However I am sure that the ibanez concord guitar is really a high niveau.J 'have a concord BK I compared it…

  • Ibanez Concord 754 ML

    Ibanez Concord 754 ML - " The best guitars"


    Made in Japan. UTILIZATION Very bob run. Despite its light guitar jumbo shape. Its fantastic. SOUNDS Big sound. Powerful bass. The other guitars, even a Gibson J200 new paled next. I must say that the years have enhanced the instrument. OVE…

  • Ibanez Concord 752

    Ibanez Concord 752 - " Copy guitar Harmony H1264"


    Just to add to the previous opinion, this guitar is an obvious copy of the American Harmony H1264 Guitar, made by Harmony in Chicago from 1970 to about 1972 (spruce top, maple body). You can see this "752" on the 1971 Ibanez catalog, and it is a ty…

  • Ibanez Concord 696

    Ibanez Concord 696 - " Oldie quite endearing"


    Made in Japan late 70s (presumably 76) Spruce Rosewood back and sides Probably all rolled Handle rather thin and fairly flat profile The format is a classic dreadnought The presentation is excellent. UTILIZATION The handle is nice .. …

  • Ibanez Concord 698M

    Ibanez Concord 698M - " Ibanez Concorde: Beautiful guitar"


    Amon copy was made in Japan The neck has 20 frets UTILIZATION The handle very nice, the box is wide and thick as is comfortable. At first it's a bit surprising, but then you quickly get used to this round. Personally, I climb ropes Martins Br…

  • Ibanez Concord 698M

    Ibanez Concord 698M - " She's the one!"


    Made in Japan UTILIZATION Handle very fine, very nice: the folk most comfortable I've ever tried The jumbo body is a little cumbersome, but what a sound! SOUNDS I play blues and I can just blame him for missing slightly low. Apart from that,…

  • Ibanez Concord 752

    Ibanez Concord 752 - kristolikid's review


    It's an old guitar in the late 70s, but an excellent bill (30 years, the wood will not move!) I had bought from a friend in 82, and despite some settings handle regular at that time (the wood was not dry enough) it still gives me full <span class="…

  • Ibanez Concord 647

    Ibanez Concord 647 - frankyp's review


    Características Ibanez Concord Modelo 647 de 1971! hecho en Japón y parece ser abeto, mástil de caoba. Entretanto excepcional manejar una Stratocaster (original) marca Ibanez, por supuesto! Nunca he visto a otro! es una réplica de un antiguo…

  • Ibanez Concord 671

    Ibanez Concord 671 - frankyp's review


    In fact it is not the exact IBANEZ CONCORD 671 but it's the closest name I found in my acoustic guitar, which is quite an Ibanez Concord Model 647, probable date 1970 or 1971! made in Japan and it appears to be maple, mahogany neck. Meanwhile exc…

  • Ibanez Concord 691

    Ibanez Concord 691 - purpletrain's review


    This guitar in 1974, it t made in Japan. It has 20 frets to a pitch of 658 mm. It is a V-neck with rosewood keys bne. Mcaniques are the oil bath. UTILIZATION The handle is enjoyable because it is closely and it makes the game Access in AI…