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Ibanez Iceman user reviews

  • Ibanez ICX220

    Ibanez ICX220 - "Great, quirky guitar on the cheap."


    Made in China Redesigned, smaller body shape Ibanez brand Infinity humbuckers Full Tune II bridge (similar to a Gibson Tuneamatic) Bolt-on 3-piece maple neck 22 frets Basswood body Rosewood fretboard Volume, Tone, 3 way pickup selector switch…

  • Ibanez ICHRG2

    Ibanez ICHRG2 - "Little odd but cool "


    These guitars happily have an interesting look and an interesting body shape but the overall feel is a very Gibson type feel. If you have ever play to Gibson Les Paul or a Gibson explorer then you'll notice the balance weight and feel of the body can…

  • Ibanez IC400

    Ibanez IC400 - "Good for the price"


    Ibanez is known for their very inexpensive guitars as well as they're highly used overdrive pedal such as the tube screamer pedal which is probably the most famous overdrive distortion pedal in existence. These guitars I believe came out in the late …

  • Ibanez ICT700

    Ibanez ICT700 - "New Iceman"


    Ibanez recently decided to bring back the Iceman, and they released it with a reversed headstock, as well as 24 frets. It's similar to the older ones, but I find that it kinda lacks the mojo the older ones had. The guitar features a mahogany body, …

  • Ibanez IC500

    Ibanez IC500 - "Great Iceman"


    These are pretty hard to find, and I've only come across a few before. It's the mack daddy of the Iceman series, in my opinion. It features all the great things I love about the Iceman and then some. The guitar features a mahogany body with a mapl…

  • Ibanez IC400

    Ibanez IC400 - "Upgraded model"


    The IC400 is a slightly upgraded model when compared to the IC300. This model has a mahogany body instead of the basswood one, but aside from that, they're fairly similar in overall construction. The guitar features a mahogany body, a maple neck wi…

  • Ibanez IC300

    Ibanez IC300 - "Budget model"


    This is the guitar that Ibanez released for the budget line up. It's not as good as the other versions out there, and it's intended for those who can't afford the higher end models. The guitar features a basswood body, a maple neck with a rosewood …

  • Ibanez HR Giger

    Ibanez HR Giger - "Cool paintjob"


    This is the guitar that H.R. Giger painted and helped design with Ibanez. It's really the same as any other Iceman out there, but it has the fancy graphics on it. Great for those who like something a bit different. The guitar features a mahogany b…

  • Ibanez IC400

    Ibanez IC400 - "Classic Ibanez design"


    Back in the day Ibanez was known for their copies of guitars. The Ibanez Lawsuit era found them making guitars that were better than what america was producing at the time. This was one of their first original design loosely based of the Les Paul des…

  • Ibanez IC300

    Ibanez IC300 - moosers's review


    The Ibanez Iceman Series IC-300 is an electric guitar that is suitable for any use that you'd like. I recently tried out the IC-300 at a studio where I was recording for a week, but it really wasn't my type of guitar so it didn't see much use. The …