Ibanez Jet King Bass
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  • Ibanez JTKB200

    Ibanez JTKB200 - "Won't let you down"


    This is a great Bass for any circumstances. It's solid and reliable, it looks retro enough if you need retro but standard enough for anything else. Inexpensive enough for a beginner but it wouldn't look out of place on a big stage. it has passive pic…

  • Ibanez JTKB200

    Ibanez JTKB200 - noord's review


    Small prambule: rfre notice that my exprience with the Ibanez JTKB200 acqurir I have just two days ago. I jou a few hours in my room one day and six hours of RPET. This notice is RALIS "hot". Time confirm or deny ... The Ibanez Jet King JTKB200 is…