Ibanez Limited Edition
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Ibanez Limited Edition user reviews

  • Ibanez RG2820CT Prestige

    Ibanez RG2820CT Prestige - "Not too bad"


    Ibanez is really known their great sounding tube screamer overdrive/distortion pedals. They're also quite well known for their inexpensive and budget friendly guitars. While most of their guitars range from around $200-$600 they do feature in nice li…

  • Ibanez RG2820CT Prestige

    Ibanez RG2820CT Prestige - "Sick guitar all around"


    This is a guitar that was released for 2003 only as a limited edition model. It has a few cool features that most of the regular line up doesn't have that helps make it stand out from the crowd. In fact, this is very close to some of the coveted J-…

  • Ibanez RG2820CT Prestige

    Ibanez RG2820CT Prestige - "Very similar to the J-Custom"


    Ibanez decided to release a special guitar around 2003. It was pretty much the same as the J-Custom, but it came from the Prestige factory instead. Aside from the fact that the fret ends aren't quite as round as what you find from the J-Custom shop…

  • Ibanez RG2011SC

    Ibanez RG2011SC - "Crazy fret access"


    Despite what some people think, these "extra fret" guitars aren't anything new. Other manufacturers have done them before, but one of the problems was that the neck pickup was either not there or fairly weak. Ibanez set out to fix that. The guitar…

  • Ibanez RG20051

    Ibanez RG20051 - "Sick swirl paint job"


    These are super rare guitars that you really don't see often at all. I happened to come across one in the store one day, and I fell in love with it. The guitar isn't that special except for the paint job, but it just oozed tone for whatever reason.…

  • Ibanez SR2010ASC

    Ibanez SR2010ASC - "Ibanez SR2010ASC"


    This is a bass that will make you tilt your head like a dog that so badly wants to say, 'Huh?' The SR2010ASC Ashula Limited Edition by Ibanez takes their popular 4-string fretted SR series and tacks on to additional strings over a fretless section o…

  • Ibanez SA08LTD1

    Ibanez SA08LTD1 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by boogie trasher/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Very slim and light guitar made in Indonesia 22 frets, splittable AH1 (neck) and Duo Bucker (bridge) pickups Sat Pro bridge. Volume control with push/pull function, to…

  • Ibanez SR2010ASC

    Ibanez SR2010ASC - " this bass has a soul and is a weapon ..."


    6-string bass freighted with 4 and 2 frettless (EADG + DG but then tuning can be made) Ash body finish "limed" off white beautiful! The body is more imposing than a SDGR, it is closer to a JB or old Ibanez Musician Bolt jatoba and bubinga Ashula …

  • Ibanez SS500

    Ibanez SS500 - " Jazzbox excellent!"


    Limited series found in France Solid spruce Flamed maple back and sides solid Channel 5 piece maple / walnut Ebony bone nut Medium frets 2 trestle 1 ebony and gilt brass adjustable Gold hardware Super 58 Custom pickups Mechanical b…

  • Ibanez RG2XXV

    Ibanez RG2XXV - " A megaswitch and it's perfect"


    Series 25me birthday, a beautiful neon pink ... but must take it throws! Indonesia, wizard sleeve 3 3pces 24cases jumbo frets, rosewood or similar. Typical basswood body, pickguard and hsh screwed over. Volume (without the magic capacitor) and to…