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Ibanez Promethean user reviews

  • Ibanez P5210

    Ibanez P5210 - "Good stuff"


    First, this is not a speaker but a combo with dual detachable speakers (the amp head can be lugging a bag provided for this purpose, case very good way). Basically, I was looking to buy a MARKBASS CMD 121 P 102 P or used but I did not find in the pri…

  • Ibanez P500H

    Ibanez P500H - " Kick ass!"


    This is a Class D digital amplifier; The connector board is of the Schuko power supply, a jack for Hp 6.35, a second, combo, both Jack and Speakon. It has a pedal input which enables or disables Eq if I remember correctly, I'm using it forever, a tun…

  • Ibanez P5110

    Ibanez P5110 - " a good amp to work at home."


    is a class D transistor combo (that's what I read somewhere ...). for technical, look at the site of ibanez ... he joined as a sign that the effects are great, a compressor really useful for slap which gives a relief to fall backwards, a drive th…