Ibanez RG Premium
SeriesIbanez RG Premium

Series belonging to the RG series from Ibanez

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Ibanez RG Premium user reviews

  • Ibanez RG721FM

    Ibanez RG721FM - "Beautiful, pleasant to play and versatile"


    First, I’ll mention that I’m not a professional guitarist, so please take this review as that of an average player. I’ve used this guitar in my home studio for composing and demoing (direct in, with no amp). I bought it for that purpose as it had …

  • Ibanez RG870QMZ

    Ibanez RG870QMZ - "Not as good as a Prestige"


    The new Ibanez Premium line of guitars is a new line of guitars that is supposed to bridge the gap between normal Ibanez models and their prestige made in Japan models. These guitars look and have some of the features of the Prestige models but they …

  • Ibanez RG870QMZ

    Ibanez RG870QMZ - "Looks great but somewhat lacking"


    Ibanez has recently decided to hit a market that's been untapped for awhile. They're looking to release a guitar that looks like a J-Custom but has the price of a regular Prestige model. They came up with this guitar, and it has a lot of cool featu…

  • Ibanez RG920QM

    Ibanez RG920QM - "Looks great but has some issues"


    Ibanez is now pushing a new lineup called the Premium line. It sits in between the Prestige and the regular Indonesian guitars. These models are really no different from most other Indonesian guitars, but there is a bit more care taken in certain a…

  • Ibanez RG870QMZ

    Ibanez RG870QMZ - "Good workhorse shredder"


    The Ibanez RG870QMZ marks the latest venture for the venerable Ibanez company. Their new Premium line of guitars offers an instrument that is a step below their Prestige line and is priced for younger players or just the general working musician who …

  • Ibanez RG920QM

    Ibanez RG920QM - "New premium line RG"


    Ibanez recently started up their premium line of guitars. These guitars supposedly have Prestige level build quality but are built outside of Japan. Personally I think they are just normal quality RG guitars that have a a bit prettier finishes on the…