Ibanez RG Prestige
SeriesIbanez RG Prestige

Series belonging to the RG series from Ibanez

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Ibanez RG Prestige user reviews

  • Ibanez RG2228

    Ibanez RG2228 - "8 string madness"


    As a long time seven string player, I just had to get myself one of these RG2228s to see what all the fuss was about. There are actually two versions of these. Sometime around 2008 or so, they decided to upgrade them with titanium rods in the neck …

  • Ibanez RG1570Z

    Ibanez RG1570Z - "Metal machine"


    While this is clearly a shred machine and geared towards the serious metal crowd, it can be used for about any genre given the right player. It has a very impressive feature set given the price point. Japan made. Edge pro trem. Basswood body. HS…

  • Ibanez RG2228

    Ibanez RG2228 - "Wow."


    Made in Japan. SPECS Neck Material: 5pc Maple/ Wenge Neck Type: Wizard-8 Prestige (27") Body: Basswood body Frets: Jumbo frets Fingerboard: Rosewood Inlay: Pearl dot inlay Bridge: Fixed Edge III-8 bridge NeckPU: EMG® 808 Bri…

  • Ibanez RG2610Z

    Ibanez RG2610Z - "Cool simple Ibanez"


    The Ibanez RG Prestige RG2610Z is a recent model offering from Ibanez made in the last few years as a stripped down/simple guitar for those players who wanted a killer Ibanez superstrat, but in a very simple package with no needless extra features, a…

  • Ibanez RG3120

    Ibanez RG3120 - "One of my personal favorites"


    Ever want a J-Custom but didn't have the money for one? Well, this is pretty much as close as you can get, minus the balled fret ends. These guitars are easily some of the best guitars Ibanez has ever released, and they'll blow 90% of other guitars…

  • Ibanez RG2610Z

    Ibanez RG2610Z - "Old school 1 pickup guitar"


    For all you EVH lovers or people who just hate the neck pickup in general, Ibanez has FINALLY made a guitar for you. For all these years, they made guitars with either two or three pickups, but these one pickup guitars seem to be selling quite well …

  • Ibanez RG2570Z

    Ibanez RG2570Z - "Neat inlays but basically the same as the rest"


    Here we have the RG2570Z. The main thing this guitar has going for it is the binding and ghost inlays. Aside from that, this is pretty much the exact same guitar as the RG1570Z that was released. The guitar features a basswood body, a maple neck w…

  • Ibanez RG1570Z

    Ibanez RG1570Z - "New trem, same great guitar"


    The RG1570 has been upgraded this year. In reality, there's only one change to this model compared to the rest of them, and that's the fact that it has the brand new Edge Zero tremolo. Aside from that, this model is the same as every other one on t…

  • Ibanez RG1550M

    Ibanez RG1550M - "Great looking and maple boarded"


    This is the upgraded model of the famous RG550. In reality, not much has changed between this model and the old school RG550s that everyone has come to know and love (or hate). The major difference is that these are made in the Prestige factory, an…

  • Ibanez RG1570

    Ibanez RG1570 - "Prestige fretwork and quality"


    This is the upgraded model from the famous RG570. To be honest, it's not that much different from the RG570 except for a few minor things. The most notable would be that this is made in the new Prestige factory. The guitar features a basswood body…