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Ibanez Studio user reviews

  • Ibanez ST55

    Ibanez ST55 - " I can not separate ..."


    Japanese manufacturing, this guitar was given to me in 1980. It has 24 frets, pickups Ibanez V2 Maxons (two screws at the top for height adjustment, cream color) Fixed bridge Ibanez mechanical locking. Like fine tuning. I understand that th…

  • Ibanez ST55

    Ibanez ST55 - " Vintage Guitar in pure"


    This guitar was made in Japan, it is 1979 therefore this day 35 years! and she always wears both for me! Easy to adjust, a handle 24 frets rosewood guitar, I do not know what are the original pickups, mine were changed by seymour duncan and farts thu…

  • Ibanez ST300

    Ibanez ST300 - " Excellent and rare."


    Made in Japan 1979/1980 so short time. Gibson type bridge, 24 frets handle very hard (several layers) maple and rosewood button. Set neck wide and thick. 2 microphones manufactured by Maxon V2 HB, 1 vol. 2 ton. with booster-activated switch, powered …

  • Ibanez ST924

    Ibanez ST924 - " which I had ..."


    everything said above UTILIZATION the handle is so nice that there must be a magnet to the inside: Unable to detach! the big plus is the wide range of sounds thanks to the 6-position Varitone. I do not think that can offer much lower sounds …

  • Ibanez ST3000

    Ibanez ST3000 - " single"


    made in japan mine 1980 set neck ebony key 24 frets easily accessible Two double mic but I do not know the technical details. it farts 3 position mic. vol, treble. Attention 2 + Equalisers or active electronic filters + with + acute serio…

  • Ibanez ST924

    Ibanez ST924 - " Very nice bass."


    I now have an Ibanez studio exactly like the picture. I know too much but apparently it dates when they areté to be manufactured in the late 1980s .. Actually this is a very heavy bass but really amazing! The surprise comes from the versatility of th…

  • Ibanez ST924

    Ibanez ST924 - " SOUND!"


    Wood UTILIZATION Channel enjoyable. Lower extre heavy ... hence its name (studio to play seated) SOUNDS Once défrettée and changed the pickups by EMG most modern and dynamic, what a sound! Timber, timbre, the sound world jazz. All sound e…

  • Ibanez ST390

    Ibanez ST390 - ebrian's review


    Made in Japan in part by hand 1981.Très rare. Premium. Maple set neck with 24 frets layers, very solid, purple rosewood fingerboard, abalone benchmarks, jumbo.Tête frets maple veneer top and Padouk, mechanical oil-filled adjustable. Ash Body / Maple …