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  • Ibanez TV650

    Ibanez TV650 - "Pictured is a tv750" has images


    This is not so much a review as a correction. Pictured is the Talman TV750. The only difference between it and the TV650 is the color. The 650's were a cream white, and the 750's have the sunburst/flame color. I've attached a photo from an Ibanez…

  • Ibanez TCY10E

    Ibanez TCY10E - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by chamalo31/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Features: Fir tree top Mahogany back, sides and neck Rosewood fingerboard and bridge Piezo pickup AEQ201 preamp Ivorex II neck and bridge nuts Advantage string pins <br /…

  • Ibanez TCY10E

    Ibanez TCY10E - " Casserolle!"


    Me: Fred, 30 years of guitar. Countless guitars tried and I have not finished coming here to say what I think. Manufactured in: We get crazy! Handle: A fretboard really thick. It's boring, hard to play ... maybe a satisfactory adjustment ... …

  • Ibanez TCM50E

    Ibanez TCM50E - Gaston midi's review


    Electro acoustic guitar with a handle and an electric typed micro ... see the overall opinion UTILIZATION Easy and light guitar ... see the overall opinion SOUNDS Guitar small, lacking a bit of body acoustics, but excelente and typed once con…

  • Ibanez TCY74

    Ibanez TCY74 - " Without hesitation for his once connected"


    I will not go into the technical details you can see on the site description of the guitar. One review on the Fishman knobs built into the guitar: are really powerful but difficult to access because in hearing (rosette). I would rather have access …

  • Ibanez TCM50

    Ibanez TCM50 - " Correct on an amp / insufficient acoustic"


    The wood of the guitar: - Table ash - Manche, mahogany back and sides - Rosewood fingerboard and bridge Neck: 20 frets (all really accessible with the pan "very" cut) Micro: AP2 Preamp settings: 1 Volume, 1 Bass, Treble 1 UTILIZATION …

  • Ibanez TV750

    Ibanez TV750 - " very good guitar near a exeption"


    it is an Ibanez talman 750 japan tv with two mini humbuckers and a single central position in the original vibrato is a floating tremolo, with a handle that is very good and some other strat gibson, for it's n 'there's nothing to say round and very p…

  • Ibanez TC620

    Ibanez TC620 - " A very good series ibanez Japanese"


    Made in japan very good UTILIZATION SOUNDS c is hot OVERALL OPINION guitar manufactured in 1994, I played with since 2004 (gift from my brother) handle very pleasant, warm tone, use blues funk and rock. if you find one try!! …

  • Ibanez TCM50E

    Ibanez TCM50E - " One more, but complete ..."


    Nothing to add to what has already been announced except that the guitar is delivered (purchases on the net and not in store) with a bag of accessories: 2 Allen keys, one for the handle and one for the microphone, a nut easel spare! Two stripes stick…

  • Ibanez TCY10E

    Ibanez TCY10E - mca's review


    That says it all down UTILIZATION This guitar is very ergonomic, small, light, pleasant to handle small pitch. It is a kind of child of the folk guitar and electric guitar. Folk strings and has the structure of power has amplified the sound and s…