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iKlax news

  • IKlax Creator Standard

    IKlax Creator Standard

    03/02/09 in iKlax Creator Standard

    The new iKlax Creator Series range contains 4 versions of the iKlax Creator interactive music creation software.

  • IKlax Creator PRO

    IKlax Creator PRO

    09/14/08 in iKlax Creator PRO

    IKlax Launches iKlax Creator PRO Interactive & Multitrack Software.

  • New iKlax Player 2.0 for PC & Mac

    New iKlax Player 2.0 for PC & Mac

    07/24/08 in iKlax Music Player 3.0

    The latest 2.0 version of iKlax Player is now available and downloadable.