Augmented Acoustics SupraMonitor
Augmented Acoustics SupraMonitor

SupraMonitor, In-ear or ear-Pad monitor from Augmented Acoustics.

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Duration: 03:18 - Language: en - Added by Banshee in Avalon on Jun 9, 2017 at 9:58:45 AM

SupraMonitor / Kickstarter video

SupraMonitor is a wireless in-ear personal monitor mixing system.

Developed in collaboration with musicians and sound-engineers, it offers musicians the capability to fine-tune their own mix, using their smartphone on stage, via a user-friendly interface. Using the interface musicians can create their pre-sets according to their needs (per piece of music, performance etc.), and switch from one to another with one click even while playing. The system allows up to 10 musicians connected simultaneously (in the “standard” version) and up to 40 musicians (in the “orchestra” version) to customize their own mix.

SupraMonitor is compatible with any kind of analog or digital console.

Each Peeble is autonomous, thus each musician can create their own set-up through their smartphone. Moreover, the mobile app offers the possibility to login under "supervisor” or "musician" role. The supervisor has access to advanced audio settings allowing him to configure default settings for the band.

Finally, SupraMonitor offers the capability to drive a small stage through the stereo output provided on the C-MA4 Transmitter base.

SupraMonitor capitalizes on more than two years of developments already done for SUPRALIVE, a patented revolutionary service that allows spectators to customize their sound experience during a concert using their smartphones.