Rules and editorial policy

So just in case, and so you won't be surprised by the non-publication/inclusion or editing of certain content, we would like to remind you Audiofanzine's editorial line.

News items published on Audiofanzine concern exclusively only news from the world of audio, musical instruments, and lighting.  More specifically we cover:

  • New gear launches or updates to existing audio gear, lighting, musical instruments and their accessories.
  • Commercial and music industry news from the world of gear manufacturers (e.g. one company taking over another).
  • Gear demo tours as organized by the manufacturer or distributor.
  • Announcements regarding the serial number of stolen musical instruments.
  • Site news and updates concerning the Audiofanzine site itself.
  • Price changes as announced by the gear manufacturer or distributor (not by individual stores).
  • Interesting events and contests as organized by different societies or associations such as:  talent contests by the Ministry of Culture, hardware to win via the telephone, basically any contest or event that is not organized by the stores themselves (for commercial purposes).
Similarly, we do not cover:
  • Artist news: concerts, new album/CD/DVD, product endorsements and of course rock star gossip...
  • Topics that are close but not directly related to the audio subjects.  For example, electronics is not our focus, even though there are electronic components in audio gear.  Similarly,  computers is also not our focus, though we cover computer generated music. VJing is our subject, but not video or photography, even though these domains are related to VJing.
Concerning other editorial publications:
  • Gear reviews/tests, video demos, and articles of instructional nature are solely at the discretion of Audiofanzine's editorial staff.  Though we are always open to suggestions!
  • Band/artist interviews: only if it is concerning production/recording techniques and/or gear.
  • User Reviews: as the name implies is up to the user and we mostly leave the review not moderated/edited, unless there is an obvious problem (e.g. inappropriate language, spam etc.).


In any case to find out more please consult  :


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