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Jackson USA Sweetone user reviews

  • Jackson Triple Decker

    Jackson Triple Decker - "Unique hybrid guitar"


    Jackson went and decided to create some sort of unique hybrid guitar. By hybrid, I mean that they're trying to combine a telecaster, strat and les paul all in one guitar. It's a really unique take on things, but there are other manufacturers that d…

  • Jackson Bent Top

    Jackson Bent Top - "Figured archtop model"


    This guitar is even more rare than the normal Sweetone series that you see on eBay and the such. The thing that makes this different from the other model is that this one has a figured maple top on it instead of having the regular old solid finished…

  • Jackson Archtop

    Jackson Archtop - "Thick sounding Jackson"


    This is a guitar you don't see too often. A lot of these weren't made because they didn't sell as well as some of the flagship models that Jackson has, but they're pretty cool guitars if you're into that kind of thing. The guitar features a spruce …

  • Jackson Archtop

    Jackson Archtop - darkju06's review


    Jackson is a U.S. custom shop type trs rare because most manufactures, except custom order 22 frets fixed bridge specially manufactured for the guitar one volume one tone by micro 3 positions NECK Mahogany key bne self-locking Sperzel m…