Epiphone EJ-200
Epiphone EJ-200

EJ-200, Jumbo Steel String Guitar from Epiphone in the EJ series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Epiphone EJ-200

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 10 reviews )
 7 reviews70 %
 3 reviews30 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/Da Fitz05/26/2003

MGR/Da Fitz's review"Epiphone EJ-200"

Epiphone EJ-200
I aquired my EJ-200 From Musicians Friend in October 2002. With the case, my Blonde wonder came to just under $500.00

It's a decent instrument for the price. The fit and trim is quite good. I record with Condensor Mics. The EJ-200 has a bright sound that doesn't require much EQ

There have been problems with the as delivered set up. There was plenty of buzzing at the 12th fret. I didn't play it for about 2 weeks at one time. I picked up the guitar and the bridge saddle bottomed into the slot. The problem was corrected by shimming the slot with several small pieces of photo paper. I ended up fileing several of the frets between the 6th and 10 frets then compounding them. I've been around guitars all my life so I know where I'm at.I just think that closer attention should've been paid during construction.

Fit and finish is great considering what the USA made J-200 costs new. Great binding and the clear coat is flawless. The machines are quite nice. I think we're going to be great friends. She is called; "Marilyn"; "Blonde and Curvey"!!

Overall; I like the guitar. It's still breaking in. A solid Spruce top would've been nice. It's a good buy for what I spent. It's not junk. If you record, this sweetie likes big Condensor mics. It suits my needs and I don't feel that I've been taken. Sometimes I wish I had larger hands!

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MGR/Don's review"Epiphone EJ-200"

Epiphone EJ-200
I purchased this guitar from a reliable retail web site. My EJ-200 is in the high gloss "Natural" blonde finish. The purchase price was discounted to $377.00, and I have just had it about two months. I purchased this guitar for it's excellant looks, workmanship, fit and finish. I also had a well known, after market under saddle pick up system installed.

This is a beautifully made guitar. The workmanship is excellant. The quality has to be seen to be appreciated. The factory set up was very good. But for my playing taste, I lowered the neck string-action a bit. It plays great when rhythum chording for country music, folk or rock.

My EJ-200 is a "Jumbo" size guitar. It has a maple laminated spruce top, and laminated maple sides, and back. It does not have the deep booming sound that a solid spruce top would give it. I knew this when I bought the guitar, but my purpose was to use mainly through an amp. Unplugged, this guitar has a very tenor sound, with short sustain. My only dislike for my EJ-200, is the lack of a solid spruce top at least. Epiphone would do well to to consider that.

As I said, this is a quality, solidly built guitar, with no short cuts. The fit, finish and appearance is excellant. It is a strudy, quality instrument.

I bought this guitar, knowing the slight short comings, of its unplugged sound. But I mainly use it for my intended purpose of playing with a band, and amplified. Witout the sound improvement of a solid spruce top, in it's own right, it is still a worthy purchase for anyone.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

Hoenne's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good deal."

Epiphone EJ-200
Mine was manufactured in Asia (I do not know where) and was destined for the U.S. market, I bought from a person who had been there (I do not know if it changes much, I don ' have never seen a European model).

The handle makes me think than my SG is classic Gibson. The junction should be at the 14th fret.

Mine is all solid, maple back and sides (of good quality) and spruce.

(All notes are made considering the price)


The handle is nice, quite close to that of an electric gibson, when you do not sound it's nice to find his bearings.
Ergonomics is special is the largest audio format I believe, so if you measure 1.2 m, on your way.
Access to acute is not easy but it is not really the purpose of a sound, and she has no cutaway. Besides, she is no longer sold with the cutaway is enough damage, the aesthetic is less fun.


I play some acoustic, mainly for rock / blues and some folk.
She has only one sound (mine is not electrified) very American, it's really in the spirit of its big sister in Gibs.
I put on D'Addario medium (13-56 I think) and after a good setting the sound is really good. It's a bit hard to play at first (I was used to 10-52), but the sound is ultra-precise, powerful, was fine treble and bass, very, very deep (it surprised me, I had never heard it on an acoustic).


I've had about 2 years.
I tried / had a lot of noise before, and for the price I am completely satisfied.
Used it really worth it.
I like his low round and puissane general, not particularly bothered by its size.

I would do without hesitation that choice, perhaps to a sunburst!