Martin & Co 000-15
Martin & Co 000-15

000-15, Jumbo Steel String Guitar from Martin & Co in the 15 series.

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e-axe le vieux 03/04/2004

Martin & Co 000-15 : e-axe le vieux's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Guitar size of 000 in Martin, budget economic (for Martin). It is a small format, for those who do not know.

The guitar is solid mahogany for the table and the neck, and mahogany veneer and wicker covers for the bottom.

Added 04/03/2004
Indeed, from the view of slowhand73 of 03/03/2004, it seems that Martin is now put on the back of the massif and wicker covers the 000-15: good news!
"Solid Sapele or Genuine Mahogany."
This n'tait not as clearly expressed at the time of the publication of my opinion Premire o one could read on the site Martin:
"Top: Solid Mahogany"
material back / side material: Mahogany "
I always thought that the wording of Difference silent and showed the desired prsence plywood without saying, as do other factors guitars on their site.
Beware of buying used.

[slowhand: good scratch, eh?]

Button and the bridge are rosewood.
The construction is simple trs, no dcoration (not even a binding) from the rosette, trs itself simple, in fact a collage. Obviously, the cost is not passed in the visual arts.
The guitar is very well built, to show the junction perfect table-Sides, visible as there is no binding at all.
The guitar DGIG a print or even Australian sober because of the lack of dcoration.

The Martin mcaniques are obviously oil bath was then expected to take the hard way.
The bridge is ankles, I prfre when the strings do not cross the table, but hey, we will not make a mountain, right?


Channel trs enjoyable, like all the satin finish of the guitar elsewhere; Access in acute normal. The guitar is well lgre balance.

The handle is a bit hollow rgl my taste, it seems that this is the typical US rglage to allow the player to beat up on the agreements without a frieze. Rglage rod is available, so no problem in perspective for those like me who want a. rgler

The sound is ... ben to know, will have to read more.


Then the ITS?

Well, it's Martin (no kidding!), But morning Obviously something else.
Treble doing well, the mdiums as well as serious, but the guitar is not as crystal clear as one might expect from the brand: trs is probably the effect of the mahogany table.

That said, it is clear what can cost suprieur usual in this price range, and the power of the guitar is thunder, A model for this format. The bass sound like an organ pipe. Awesome I tell you.

All sounds, chords, arpges, picking the blues.
In blues, it's even pretty good, mahogany being responsible for "dirty" sound that ds just frankly attack the strings.
This is a guitar that has the personality, we can not say. So a can not appeal.


I tried this guitar last Saturday for about three quarters of an hour in a store in Paris, quiet (if has any). The test is forcment incomplete.

However, the charm has acted, and I think that one day I let myself be tempted by the beautiful.
A Martin, with a personality certainly diffrent standards of the brand, but it did not lose by the change. It's just DIFFERENT.

Between 1000 and € 1300 now on Paris, sold his tui Martin, aa all the air a good opportunity. At least for anyone who wants a guitar out of the ordinary, which does not pay mine dcoration and not sound "too" bright.

A 8 / 10 for the report qualitprix anyway.