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Martin & Co Jumbo Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Martin & Co OM-28V

    Martin & Co OM-28V - "Simplistically Great!"


    This is my first Martin guitar and after endlessly playing through so many different OM types, I finally settled on this one. Made in USA, it has very simple features: Solid Sitka Spruce with aging toner top indian rosewood back and sides mahogany n…

  • Martin & Co 000-15

    Martin & Co 000-15 - moosers's review


    The Martin & Co 000-15 is a beautiful jumbo style acoustic guitar. The guitar is made out of mostly solid genuine mahogany wood, which gives it an incredible look and sound. Like all Martin guitars, it was made in the USA - in Nazareth, PA to be ex…

  • Martin & Co 000-1

    Martin & Co 000-1 - moosers's review


    The Martin & Co. 000-1 is a jumbo size acoustic guitar. We have one of these at the studio where I work, and it's always getting played and used on records. The one that we have has a custom pick up inside of it, but the stock 000-1 guitars are jus…

  • Martin & Co OM-28V

    Martin & Co OM-28V - "Martin OM-28V"


    Wanted to add guitar playing skills to augment bass playing. Picked this one year old guitar (2001 model) up second hand at a local specialty shop - perfect condition(seems like it never came out of the case) for $2,100. This is a vintage reproducti…

Translated user reviews
  • Martin & Co 000-15

    Martin & Co 000-15 - " Simple but Pure"


    All solid mahogany guitar has all floors handle in one piece as Martin knows how this is becoming rare very easy to play, fluid run. UTILIZATION guitar comes with a fairly high action. You, if you are careful, or failing that, a good luthier …

  • Martin & Co OM-28V

    Martin & Co OM-28V - " A GUITAR DREAM"


    Made in the USA in factories Martin & Co. handle broad V: love it or not, I love it. 14 Frets. UTILIZATION Balanced, powerful and easy to play. Its small size is comfortable for long hours of play. The sound is a bit complicated, but once you fin…

  • Martin & Co J-40

    Martin & Co J-40 - " Dovish"


    Made Nazareth U.S.. Good manufacturing worthy Martin. UTILIZATION The handle is nice though, as many Martin strings are a little too far from the frets. Therefore set the action for comfort. SOUNDS Hyper sound consensual. Little personality. …

  • Martin & Co JM

    Martin & Co JM - mymoustache47's review


    Guitar U.S. wooden easel and plastic ivoroid kind Handle rapid end Acoustics UTILIZATION The handle is great for little fingers It is lightweight and balanced The sound is typically Martin (good definition and low boom boom), but less c…

  • Martin & Co 000-28

    Martin & Co 000-28 - " a very endearing guitar"


    Made in the USA without micro Spruce Solid Sitka Sides: Indian rosewood Flat handle solid mahogany 20 frets (14 frets off thomann body) Scale: 630mm Black pickguard Chrome tuners Schaller Color: Natural Delivered in hard but light…

  • Martin & Co JM

    Martin & Co JM - " It's almost a Martin Vintage"


    It is manufactured in the USA and not Mexico. You can still find the site features Martin The table is made of spruce and mahogany back and sides, this is not the solid mahogany, but it seems the laminate is firmer. The handle is easy to play a…