Peavey KB/A 100
Peavey KB/A 100

KB/A 100, Keyboard Amplifier from Peavey in the KB/A series.

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vost20 10/18/2010

Peavey KB/A 100 : vost20's user review

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-100W solid-state keyboard amp
-3 channels (with Jack or XLR inputs for the first one and only Jack for the two others)
-Gain control for each channel + a small button to increase the sound in 12 db
-Fx input and output + Headphones out on the rear panel
-Another effects loop on the front panel, but you need to use a Y cable.
-4-band EQ. Veeeery effective!!
-One reverb knob
-And an On/off button

I give it a 9 because it doesn't have a master volume control, which would allow you to control simultaneously the volume of all 3 channels, as well as the volume of the effects return!


I use it with a guitar. The sound is good but nothing to write home about, even if faithful to the piano.

I've had the chance to connect a microphone, and I think the sound was a bit dull, but it's an amp that doesn't provide any warmth so it's better to avoid for mics.


The EQ is easy to adjust (you just need to turn the knobs) and radical!
Very transparent amplification!
100W!! I have never dared turn a gain knob beyond halfway
It's an excellent amp for keyboards