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All user reviews for the Yamaha PSR-GX76

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Average Score:4.0(4/5 based on 1 review)
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moosers's review

Yamaha PSR-GX76
The Yamaha PSR-GX76 is a electric keyboard and is a work station lite for beginners. It’s got all sorts of features on it, but definitely is aimed at beginners. It’s got 76 keys, spanning about five octaves. It has emulations of sounds for just about every instrument imaginable, but across the board they aren’t too realistic sounding. You’ve also got a ton of built in rhythms and demos, as well as a screen that will show you what note your playing both on the keyboard and on a musical staff.


The feel of the Yamaha PSR-GX76 is about where you’d think it would be for a low end electronic keyboard. The keys aren’t weighted, but the keyboard is certainly more than playable. They do feel somewhat light, but for practicing or messing around, it’s just fine. Choosing sounds is easy, but getting in depth with the keyboard will take some time since there’s so much that can be done with it. I haven’t seen the manual for the PSR-GX76, so I can’t speak to it’s usefulness.


The sounds heard on the Yamaha PSR-GX76 in general are pretty cheesy and definitely not too realistic. The piano sounds are probably the best, but at least you do have every sound under the sun to choose from here. The organs don’t sound that bad either, but those interested in the PSR-GX76 should know in general that this is a beginners/kid’s instrument. There are also some pretty funny sounds on here, including the entire ‘DJ’ setting, which definitely has some funny ones to mess around with. For a cheap beginner’s electric piano, the Yamaha PSR-GX76 will definitely get the job done. Those exploring the PSR-GX76 should definitely know up front the nature of this keyboard, as it isn’t for serious players and is really just for those looking for a cheap electric keyboard option or to get your kids started on the instrument. The Yamaha PSR-GX76 is a fine practice instrument, but I wouldn’t use it outside the home in any capacity…