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Langevin user reviews

  • Langevin AM-16

    Langevin AM-16 - moosers's review


    The Langevin AM-16 is a stereo set of microphone preamplifiers. I don’t know the origins of these, but they seem mostly to be found in custom forms and clones rather than the real thing. That’s what we’ve got at the studio where I work – an AM-16 t…

  • Langevin Dual Vocal Combo

    Langevin Dual Vocal Combo - FP User's review


    It is an exteremely affordable *stereo unit. All of the features are user friendly. After a week of owning the unit, the left side meter light broke. Aside from that it sounds great for the price Price paid: $1480- UTILIZATION Super easy to use. M…

Translated user reviews
  • Langevin CR2001

    Langevin CR2001 - Danbei's review


    I bought it used. The suspension was very movaise state, I do not know if it was bad origin or if it was very, too damaged. I use a supension Audio Technica AT8449 is very good also. OVERALL OPINION I used it for about six months to record sung a…

  • Langevin CR2001

    Langevin CR2001 - " Good microphone"


    I had a pair and I have used it for drum recordings (Overhead LR) Can be used for any type of recording. OVERALL OPINION Very good value for money, I would do this choice and even regret having sold! …

  • Langevin CR2001

    Langevin CR2001 - Northern People's review


    Micro Static Directivity: cardioid Difference: 0 to 180:> 12 dB 300 Hz 3 kHz Frequency drives range: 40 Hz 16 kHz Impdance: 200 Ohms 20% (1 kHz) Impdance Minimum load: 1 kOhm Sound pressure level max. for THD 0.5%: 122 dB 25 Pa 1 kHz wit…

  • Langevin CR2001

    Langevin CR2001 - scarabeo's review


    Cardioid Condenser Microphone FET Technology OVERALL OPINION I bought it in Playback 1 month ago and 1 / 2 Outlet (719 with a Joemeek Six Q!). This is a super micro objectively. I knew the brand because the Backstage sold 6 years ago but I di…