Lasers 500mW and up
Lasers Lasers 500mW and up
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Lasers 500mW and up user reviews

  • Laserworld 1500 G

    Laserworld 1500 G - Dj kod's review


    Purchase made on ebay auction won Laserworld 1500G reception of the package no problem in flight case very good price € 1300 for a retail price € 3500 test: DMX ilda automatic sound nothing wrong model purchased laser 750mW to 1500mW 532nm g…

  • Laser Diffusion laser rgb 2w

    Laser Diffusion laser rgb 2w - Francoisval's review


    Incredible power in a hit outside he truly great (even in dirty n not even talk about it!) connectivity provided show storage on SD card is very convenient how music is generally a low-end option that equipe discount the small laser on…

  • Laserworld PRO 1000 GREEN  ILDA

    Laserworld PRO 1000 GREEN ILDA - bobinebrulee's review


    Report qualitee very excelent price for 1 W and c is the serious …

  • Laserworld CS 500 RGY

    Laserworld CS 500 RGY - lepetitlutin's review


    Superb laser Plug'n Play 500 mw RGY DMX. trs good report quality price The CS-500 RGY is a plug'n'play, graphics laser projector, which is fitted with two lser. One of 150mW 350mW green and red respectively. CONTRL can be easily DMX 512, like all …

  • Kvant laser 2000  500mw

    Kvant laser 2000 500mw - Francoisval's review


    ===========> Important introduction <=============== before buying this very powerful laser j already had a laser of the same brand but in 100 mw (unfortunately I could not afford better (3300 € ht anyway) but I considered that the quality is pa…

  • JB Systems Penguin Barrel

    JB Systems Penguin Barrel - fabreax's review


    To change the bulb, it is true that it takes what, 5 minutes ... I use it in my room for now and later for small accessories. Its plastic shell may suggest some solid but since my use is not a problem. For cons, I have come across a bad SERIES,…

  • JB Systems Penguin Barrel

    JB Systems Penguin Barrel - djceltes's review


    This Mr. Penguin out of style!! Even if its appearance is semi-professional, when to change bulb (50 W one), do better not be sighted, indeed, the screws are tiny, which is really not practical, but a Once replaced, everything is nickel ... The…